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We take great pride in helping our customers decrease their foot pain in any way possible, so our orthopedic footwear accessories are compatible with most shoes or boots. For bunion relief and plantar fasciitis support, we offer an extensive inventory of sleeves, straps, adhesives and heel lifts. Do you have a hammertoe? Orthotic Shop sells toe straighteners to make sure you’re focused on the day, not the irritation in your shoes. If you suffer from irritating foot blisters, a treatment pad will help reduce the friction and chafing. Bring some pain relief to your feet today with one of our health aids today.

Deal with unpleasant foot pain or find ways to manage your plantar fasciitis with a heel cup or pad from Orthotic Shop. While orthotic footwear can go a long way towards treating these common conditions, sometimes your feet need a little added support. We offer a broad range of bandages, pads, heel cups and lifts to get you back on your feet comfortably.

Take care of those pesky bunions with special foot pads that prevent your foot from being irritated during treatment. Sometimes you have to deal with foot pain that’s more than even the most comfortable shoes can handle. If that’s the case, our selection of heel cups, pads, and burn wraps could be precisely what your feet need. Explore our online store to find products from some of the most renowned names in the orthotic industry and, for your added benefit, we offer free shipping and delivery on heel lifts, sleeves, foot pads and more.

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