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P4 Wedge

P4 Wedge

The P4 Wedge™ was designed by podiatrist James Clough and has proven to be very effective in many people with a variety of disorders. The P4 Wedge™ allows the foot to work as it naturally should, as a stable structure as you move forward and propel for the next step. Most people do not have this stability in their foot. They recognize pain, foot deformities and chronic injuries that are all manifestations of a basic problem, which the P4 Wedge™ fixes.

Commonly Seen Treatment Benefits of the Cluffy/P4 Wedges

  • Treats functional Hallux Limitus (lack of motion of the first metarasophalangeal (MTP) joint during walking).
  • Reduces Foot Pain associated with the heel, lesser metatarsal region Morton's Neuroma, Plantar Fasciitis, & Achilles Tendon
  • Alleviates Morton's Neuroma discomfort - excellent for using in conjunction with the Lynco L405 orthotics
  • Helps alleviate and prevent Bunions & Hammertoes
  • With proper foot alignment, knee and lower back pain is also reduced.

P4 Wedge User Guide

Please view the P4 Wedge user guide pdf file for more information.

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Designed by podiatrist James Clough, the P4 Wedge™ is an innovative way to help promote healthy foot alignment. These small gel inserts will fit comfortably into your dress shoes, sandals, or even sneakers by attaching underneath the insole that cushions your big toe. Clough believes that more than 90% of the foot pain experienced by people day to day comes from stiffened joints in your largest toe. According to the podiatrist, the toe is intended to serve the dual function of balance and to absorb the shock of walking. Without the proper support, most big toes will get stuck in one function, which leads to improper alignment. Using a simple gel pad, your toe will have the range of motion it needs to effortlessly switch between these two tasks, effectively treating Hallux Limitus, Morton’s Neuroma, and other common conditions that cause foot and lower back pain. Find the right P4 Wedge™ for your needs at Orthotic Shop today!