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Ovation Medical

Ovation Medical

Ovation Medical is a premier innovator, designer and manufacturer of high quality orthopedic braces and supports. The people who own and operate Ovation have been in the industry for decades. The owner operated Royce Medical for over 20 successful years and brought in expertise from his former company.

A fresh start leads to refreshing new functional designs that are a step above the competition. With over 70 patents related to orthopedic bracing the founders of Ovation medical invented numerous products that revolutionized the orthopedic market.

The trend continues today. Below are some of the best orthopedic braces on the market, not found by any other manufacturer. Ovation products are based on fundamental orthopedic concepts, and are patient driven.


Ovation Hybrid Night Splint

Ovation Hybrid Night Splint

$59.95 (save 40%)
Ovation Air Walker Short and Tall Boot Generation 2

4 Colors Available

Ovation Air Walker Short and Tall Boot Generation 2

$64.95 (save 40%)

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Ovation Medical was founded by experts in the field of orthotic braces and support. Previously working for Royce Medical and other orthopedic organizations, they used this expertise to come up with innovative solutions to treating common foot conditions such as AFO, Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. Orthotic Shop is proud to offer Ovation orthopedic support braces and medical splints for our customers who are looking for non-invasive ways to treating their foot pain. Unlike other products available on the market, braces by Ovation Medical use their patented designs to offer support only where it’s needed, removing much of the bulk traditional solutions have. Browse our selection of Ovation Medical products today and see why this new company is quickly revolutionizing orthopedic bracing.