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You might have been cooped up in the office or house for long, but you finally decide it’s time to start getting fit. Or maybe you have a hiking trip planned and need the right attire. Those office and casual shoes will not be of much help in the outdoors. But don't worry, Oboz Footwear has you covered.


There are a million companies out there offering shoes for running, hiking and other outdoor activities. So it begs the question, why opt for Oboz shoes?


Insoles are important in any shoe you decide to buy. If they are well made, like from Oboz footwear, they offer you great supportive features to help with foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis:

  • They give you arch support and cushioning.
  • They offer heel cupping for stability.
  • They are just the right weight. No one wants to hike or run in shoes that make you feel like you are carrying around brick blocks. You want something light enough for your feet to carry.
  • They offer sufficient support. Lack of proper support in shoes causes blisters along with heel and arch pain (plantar fasciitis). You may be wondering how. A lack of support causes the feet to pronate and elongate with every step you take. This in turn leads to friction inside the shoes causing the blisters. The Oboz insole is biochemically engineered to offer this much needed support which ensures your feet stay neutral with every step and you do not have to worry about blisters.
  • Your shoes will have extra breathability. Say goodbye to smelly feet.

The Oboz insoles are uniquely designed just for Oboz shoes. There are different types of insoles, all uniquely designed to offer you the best.

  1. O Fit Insole Plus Medium Arch- Oboz anatomically designed insoles maximize stability and support, with a supportive arch and a deep cushioning heel cup. These provide stability and support in Oboz backpacking shoes, hiking shoes and lifestyle shoes. They have triple density EVA throughout which provides both cushioning and extra durability and cushioning. A shot of urethane under the metatarsals and heels adds extra protection, especially to the high-strike areas. These insoles are perfect for helping with and preventing plantar fasciitis.
  2. O Fit Thermal insoles - found in the insulated footwear, these are similarly supportive as the OFit Deluxe they just have extra heat-retaining properties. Thermal insoles include a Polyester thermal moisture wicking comfort top sheet with anti microbial odor control for insulation, and a Mylar bottom sheet to reflect heat back to your foot helping keep toes nice and cozy.

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Oboz Arete Mid Waterproof Men's Boot

3 Colors - 1 Widths

Oboz Arete Mid Waterproof Men's Boot

Oboz Bridger Mid Men's Waterproof Hiking Boot

6 Colors - 2 Widths

Oboz Bridger Mid Men's Waterproof Hiking Boot


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Other features of Oboz Supportive Footwear

The outsoles are built purposely for what these shoes are for. They are tough enough for whatever you need but made differently so that you choose what works for you. There is the sawtooth, the granite peak, Teton, windriver, Madison, mountain town, hyalite, tobacco root and thru-hiker. All are high quality, stable and durable. The Madison is specifically designed for women; it is very light and has a narrow footprint.


Oboz BDry Waterproof MembraneOboz includes a 'BDry' Waterproof Membrane on all of the waterproof styles. It’s irritating when water slips into your shoe when you accidentally walk into a pool of water or when it is raining. Oboz has you covered. The BDry technology gives waterproofing inside and out while remaining breathable. The crux, made from tape sealed polyurethane film, protects you from moisture from creeks, mud and rain. The membrane still allows sweat to escape because of the textile lining. Furthermore, they provide extra breathability so your feet can breathe easy.


Oboz footwear maintains quality. All their shoes come with a molded heel counter that keeps the shape of the shoe even when not taken through the toughest usage. Even after long periods of time you still have a snug, comfortable heel.


For every pair of shoe sold, a tree is planted. This goes a long way in saving the environment every year so why not join this save-the-world train? Furthermore, you get to support a company that is determined to keep our little planet in shape. They carbon-offset all their employee’s equipment while making use of wind energy to power their headquarters. Shoes that are unsellable are donated to less fortunate people who need them.


This company that was born in 2007 made a vow to make only the best quality shoes. It was founded by a team of shoe experts. They have worked for many footwear companies previously and so know what shoe will work best for you.