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Wide Shoes

It's no secret that many footwear stores fail to carry many options that adequately fit feet with a little extra breadth. This is why Orthotic Shop has gathered a full assortment of wide width shoes for men, enabling you to find the look that suits your specific style. With wide athletic shoes, dress shoes and extra wide comfort shoes, Orthotic Shop offers plenty of possibilities with widths from 3E all the way up to 10E. In fact, most of the footwear even have removable insoles so you can insert personalized orthotics for an even better fit. Stop damaging your feet with footwear that's too small and find the perfect fit within our selection of men's wide shoes.

  SKU Product Our Price
PS-WF-A Powerstep Wide Fit Orthotics - 3E-6E $39.25 (Save 9%)
X801MM065 Apex X801 Men's Lace Walker - Black $144.95 (Save 17%)
9951-4E-BLK-5-5 Mt. Emey 9951 - Men's Orthopedic Boots by Apis $126.95 (Save 15%)
V950MM065 Apex V950 Men's Double Strap Walker - Black $144.95 (Save 17%)
X821MM065 Apex X821 Men's Lace Walker - White/Gray $144.95 (Save 17%)
X521MW065 Apex X521 Men's Boss Runner - White/Navy $144.95 (Save 17%)
V753MM065 Apex V753 Men's Sierra Trail Runner - Gray $144.95 (Save 17%)
X532MW065 Apex X532 Men's Rhino Runner $144.95 (Save 17%)
Y910MW065 Apex Y910 Casual Walker Oxford - Ariya - Brown (Mens) $144.95 (Save 17%)
G7000MM07 Apex Ambulator Active Walker Lace - Men's $144.95 (Save 17%)
LT900MM07 Apex Lexington Men's Moc Toe Oxford Dress Shoe $144.95 (Save 17%)
LT600MM07 Apex Lexington Men's Cap Toe Oxford $144.95 (Save 17%)
718-4E-BLK-5 Mt. Emey - 718 - Men's Bunion Shoe by Apis - Black $126.95 (Save 4%)
708-D-BLK-5 Mt. Emey - 708 - Men's Bunion Shoe by Apis $126.95 (Save 4%)
9921-D-BLK-5-5 Mt. Emey 9921 - Men's Orthopedic Shoes by Apis $126.95 (Save 15%)
X826MW065 Apex X826 Men's Lace Walking Shoes - White $144.95 (Save 17%)
X923MM065 Apex X923 Men's Strap Walking Shoes - White $144.95 (Save 17%)
X903MM065 Apex X903 Men's Strap Walker - Black $144.95 (Save 17%)
V854MW065 Apex V854 Men's Lace Walker - White/Navy $144.95 (Save 17%)
LT500MX07 Apex Lexington Men's Classic Toe Loafer $139.95
G501MM07 Aetrex Gramercy G501 - Plain Toe Brown Lace Up (Mens) $125.96 (Save 10%)
Y800MW085 Aetrex Y800 Ariya Casual Walker Double Strap - Black (Mens) $99.99 (Save 43%)
Y900MM065 Apex Y900 Casual Walker Oxford - Ariya - Black (Mens) $144.95 (Save 17%)
Y600MM065 Apex Y600 Ariya Casual Walker Single Strap - Black (Mens) $99.99 (Save 43%)