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KidZerts Insoles help prevent children from developing flat feet and over-pronating when they walk. Most children's shoes have little or no arch support, using KidZerts Insoles solves that problem. Give your child the arch support they need for their growing feet without the expense of custom made orthotics!

KidZerts were developed in coordination with a certified pedorthist, podiatrist and a highly successful manufacturer of adult arch support insoles. After a year & several trials, the group developed the first ever children’s wear-moldable arch support insole that is contoured to support the arch, stabilizes the heel and has an anti-bacterial top cover to help combat kids' stinky feet. KidZerts children's arch support insoles are the inserts that should be in all children's shoes.

Features & Benefits of KidZerts Children's Arch Support Insoles

  • Alternative to expensive custom orthotics.
  • Reduces fatigue from tired aching feet/arches.
  • Reduces risk of developing plantar fasciitis.
  • Podiatrist Recommended.
  • Wear-Moldable to each unique child's feet.
  • Anti-Bacterial Silver Top Cover.
  • Promotes proper alignment & balance.
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Despite the importance in promoting positive growth, most kid’s shoes on the market today have little in the way of arch support. This can lead to your children developing serious foot conditions including flat feet, over-pronation, and even Plantar Fasciitis. KidZerts delivers moldable insoles that reduce foot fatigue and the build-up of odor-causing bacteria. Plus, your child will naturally walk with healthier strides. It’s no wonder that podiatrists love KidZerts insoles! Featuring a deep, supportive heel, these children’s inserts support their developing arches and help to promote proper posture and growth. Each KidZerts insole is designed to conform to the unique contours of your child’s foot, providing a perfect fit without the high cost of custom orthotics. Pick up a pair of KidZerts insoles today and help your child walk confidently into tomorrow.