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The following are the three main causes of hammertoe:

  • Toe injury from shoes that don’t fit:  The most common cause of hammertoe is wearing shoes that do not fit properly. When footwear is too tight, it pushes against the toe and causes an imbalance between the toe muscles. A common culprit is stiletto shoes with narrow, pointed fronts.
  • Genes: An inherited foot condition such as flat feet or high arches can lead to muscle instability; the foot muscles will try to compensate for the discrepancy and hammertoe will develop. Further, when hammertoe is hereditary, it usually worsens with age.
  • Arthritis: If arthritis is present in a toe joint, it can lead to a muscle imbalance and, thusly, hammertoe.
  • Relation of toes to one another. While some people’s big toe is the longest, individuals whose second one extends pass the first are more likely to experience hammertoe.


Listed below are some of the most common hammertoe symptoms:

  • Pain on the top of a toe, especially when putting on a shoe.
  • The development of corns on top of a toe.
  • Swelling around the afflicted joint, as well as pain with bending.
  • Aching on the ball of foot under a swollen toe joint.