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The glerups headquarter is situated in the Northern part of Denmark ? on the country side with fields, trees and fresh air. The headquarter is the home of the glerup family ? and as glerups has grown throughout the years, it has been a part of the journey to re-build, redecorate and expand the office facilities. Actually today, the new warehouse building is on the field, where Nanny used to have her own Gotland sheep. We treasure the lovely surroundings of our headquarter, and find inspiration and energy in the fresh and natural environment.

glerups started with wool from the family?s own Gotland sheep. But at glerups, we never stand still! Over the years glerups perfected the wool mix by blending Gotland wool with soft quality wool from New Zealand farmers. These farmers meet our high standards for consistent quality and humane animal welfare.

Wool is a natural product with self-cleaning properties. This is due to the natural fat of the wool fiber, lanolin. As the sheep get wet, a process is created between the lanolin and the sheep's natural basic salts from perspiration, which together form a natural soap that cleans the wool. To some extent, we benefit from the same characteristics when the wool is transformed into a blouse or a pair of slippers. Therefore, it is not necessary to wash wool products very often - in fact, they are better off just being left to breathe for a nice day in the garden. Yet another benefit for you and nature.


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Many people use wool to keep warm, but in fact wool can also help keep the body cool. That's because wool absorbs moisture without feeling damp, up to 70% by weight by the way! - This significantly outperforms synthetic fibers or cotton. It is particularly advantageous in the summer when it is hot outside. This way no matter how much you perspire you can stay feeling dry and temperature regulated.