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Footmind is a leading orthopedic company that provides healthy solutions for common foot conditions. Recognized by the Discovery Channel for its ability to significantly help and treat those with drop foot, the innovative Elevate Drop Foot Brace is truly one-of-a-kind. This innovative aid can be altered to fit your specific needs and shape of the leg, promising the utmost comfort and usability. Orthotic Shop proudly carries this orthopedic foot drop brace because of its compatibility with almost any shoe – dress, casual, athletic. This unique orthotic device helps treat drop foot and boasts a lightweight design for an unencumbered walking experience. If you want the best in orthopedic treatment, a Footmind product is perfect for you. Buy with us online for great discounts and free shipping.

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If you’re dealing with drop foot, you want a brace that will help get you comfortably back on your feet. Founded by medical professionals, FootMind is one of the leading names in the orthopedic community when it comes when it comes to innovative supportive for common foot problems. Footmind’s popular elevate foot drop brace is adaptive enough to fit comfortably in almost all footwear, giving you the lift needed without any additional unsightly bulk. The slim design even fits into sandals, making this orthopedic support perfect for those lazy days in the sun. At Orthotic Shop, we’re pleased to offer support for foot drop by FootMind. From the beach to the slopes, find the AFO brace that conforms to your lifestyle instead of forcing your lifestyle to conform to it.