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DryMax Workboot Crew Socks - Keeps Feet Dry & Comfortable


Availability 12
Weight 1.01 lbs
Manufacturer DryMax Socks
Our Price: $12.00


Features & Benefits of the Unisex DryMax Workboot Crew Socks - Keeps Feet Dry & Comfortable

Dryness Only 2 Different Technology Layers Can Provide. The laws of physics dictate that no single fiber technology can attract and repel moisture at the same time. To overcome this, drymax products utilize two opposite type fiber technologies interwoven to form inner and outer layers.
Drymax Socks have two technical layers to keep feet dry

Drymax fibers do not wick because they are Super Hydrophobic (moisture repelling). At the molecular level, moisture doesn’t adhere to the inner layer of drymax terry loops.
Drymax Socks repel moisture at the inner layer to keep the skin dry.

Removing sweat from the skin. Because moisture does not adhere to the drymax fibers, they are able to mechanically lift sweat off the skin like a squeegee and instantly transfer it into the moisture attracting outer layer without retaining moisture on the inside.
Drymax Socks remove sweat from the skin.

ANTI-BLISTER SYSTEM - Several features work together as an anti-blister system to actively prevent the formation of blisters. 1) Exceptional 3D fit and five sock sizes, 2) Seamless insides, 3) An instep-hugging arch band, and 4) Because drymax socks stay dry, the skin stays dry too; therefore blisters normally caused by sweat or sweat vapor are prevented.
Drymax Socks helps prevent blisters.