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DryMax Socks

Drymax Socks - Proven to Keep the Feet Dry

There is no better way to battle blisters and keep your feet dry than Drymax Socks. These sports socks know the importance of keeping your feet dry during sports, training, and running. To ensure blister-free and dry feet during even the toughest workouts, choose Drymax Socks.

Blister prevention is a top priority. Instead of the typical, run-of-the-mill wicking fabrics, Drymax uses a unique blend of hydrophobic fibers to keep your feet protected. Drymax has a pair of socks for all facets of your life. They carry thermal-inducing socks, socks for football and other sports, teamsport products with sweat-resistant power, ultra-thin socks perfect for running, and so much more. No matter your needs, there is a pair of socks with the solution. Available in basic colors, clear sizing, and different styles, there is no doubt about why to choose Drymax Socks.

Hot, Cold, Wet Conditions - No Problem

Drymax uses a Dual Layer Sweat Removal system which lifts sweat off of the skin using their unique Drymax fibers in the Drymax fiber layer. That layer then pulls the sweat to the outer layer. Drymax fibers are actually moisture-repelling, so no moisture remains in the inner layer and no moisture stands a chance.

Drymax uses air vents to keep feet cool when needed and different levels of protective padding to keep feet warm when needed. Check out each of these features when finding the perfect pair according to the sport or occasion you need them for!

Keep Your Feet Dry - Know Why

Moisture on the feet can cause odor, fungal conditions, and bacteria to grow. This can cause blisters to form, Athlete’s foot, and bad smell. Keeping your feet dry is important especially in hot climates so bacteria can’t thrive. Drymax guarantees comfortable and dry feet!

Diabetic Socks

If you are diabetic, the socks you wear can make or break your day. Drymax diabetic socks are designed with breathable mesh, a soft and stretchy leg, and non-binding materials which encourage blood circulation. This highly breathable sock is perfect for diabetics.

Better Than Wool

Drymax technology is better than wool. Drymax fibers help protect against odor, prevent blisters, and keep the skin warm with the thermal-inducing action when needed. Wool and other materials pull away heat from the body, can become scratchy and uncomfortable and lose strength when wet. Drymax socks stay up to 25 times drier than socks made from wicking material. Forget about wool, polyester, nylon, cotton socks or acrylic and choose Drymax Technology.

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Best Used for Sports

College, professional, and ameateur team sports love using Drmax Socks. Because there is no obvious logo on the socks, teams can wear these socks and look uniform. With breathable mesh, a Player ID # space, and secure tops, they are a great fit for lots of sports. With the additional option of an ankle band, the socks are perfect for softball, baseball, soccer and rugby. There are also options for volleyball, football and lacrosse or choose the general teamsport option. No matter what you choose, you always have the Drymax guarantee of blister-free wear, a dry fit, and comfort.

Drymax for Running

A lot of runners prefer a thin socks for a more comfortable run. Although thin socks don’t allow for much protection, Drmax uses a Dual Layer Sweat Removal System that protects each runner’s foot with their Hyper Thin Running Sock. Providing both comfort and protection, there are many options for runners. The most popular pick is the Running Lite-Mesh option. It has breathable mesh, a flat toe seam, anti-slip wedge, vented arch band, and a Y heel--all with the Dual Layer Sweat Removal System.

You can also choose from the original Running sock, the original Thin Running sock, or the Max Cushion Running sock with extra padding. They also have socks for hot weather and for cold weather, perfect for the outdoors runners who need extra protection and substantial comfort.

Outdoor runners can also choose from Lite Trail socks or Trail socks which have extra protection to keep your trail dirt out of your socks and shoes or opt for the Max Trail socks which are great for marathon runners or long-distance runners. Either way, you should be able to run either one mile or 42k without worrying about your feet so you can focus on the road ahead. Pro athletes choose Drymax. Why shouldn’t you?

Everyday Comfort

Drymax offers everyday, simple comfort. Add their Walking socks to the pile and have guaranteed comfort everyday. The Walking socks have High Density protective padding for power or leisure walking. Dress socks are rarely ever comfortable, but the Drymax dress socks have breathable mesh and for all-day comfort and style.

From running, walking, team sports, or day-to-day action, choose the right Drymax Socks for your lifestyle and feel the comfort, protection, and style that your feet deserve.