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Dr. Comfort Diabetic Shoes

Happy feet--Just what the doctor ordered.

Dr. Comfort Diabetic shoes are specialized in diabetic footwear, creating stylish and comfortable shoes since 2002. As the leading provider of quality comfort shoes, Dr. Comfort sells men and women footwear lines that include diabetic shoes, diabetic socks, slippers, sandals, flip flops, inserts and hosiery for all the comfort and support you need.

Stylish Ensemble

Dr. Comfort does not just deliver quality but they do it in style. With a variety of styles--from lace-ups to velcro straps to mary janes flats--Dr. Comfort allows you to choose fashionable options for everyday looks. They know that you need quality orthopedic shoes but don’t want to sacrifice your style. Now you can look good and feel good, too. In addition, most styles come in a range of sizes and colors.

Customized Care

With a background of 25 years experience designing diabetic shoes, Dr. Comfort shoes are made of fine quality materials for anyone suffering from health conditions that affect their feet. From bunions, to swelling, to discomfort, Dr. Comfort has a personalized shoe to give support where the foot needs it. They are also great preventative health care shoes due to their style and comfort so they are suitable for those who just want to take care of their feet on a daily basis. They can even customize a shoe according to your foot health conditions using their Dr. Comfort Laboratory.

Diabetic Shoes (A5500)

Diabetes can cause foot issues due to the poor blood circulation and neuropathy in those affected. Without proper foot care, diabetics who suffer from neuropathy can sometimes lack the ability to feel pain and injuries to their feet. Dr. Comfort Diabetic Shoes have a unique ability to aid diabetics and enhance their blood flow and give excess breathability and support. They specialize in taking care of your feet so you can walk without worries.

Shoes: These A5500 shoes, Diabetic Approved Dr. Comfort shoes alleviate pressure on swollen feet by providing shoes with extra width and depth, allowing maximum breathability. This can also help with bunions and hammertoes for a more comfortable fit.

Socks: Their uniquely designed socks promote blood circulation which helps reduce swelling and reduces moisture and probability of infections.

Slippers: Get comfort and care even while walking around the house with Dr. Comfort slippers.

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Therapeutic Shoe Benefits

Dr. Comfort shoes provide a specialized fit for other foot problems as well. For example, they help alleviate pain associated with plantar fasciitis, an issue that causes dull to severe pain in the heel and foot. These therapeutic shoes support the feet where needed to reduce the pain and help heal plantar fasciitis.

Achilles tendon can also be properly supported using Dr. Comfort shoes and inserts which elevate the heel, correct over pronation and provide arch support.

Customized inserts and properly fitting shoes and slippers can help reduce pain associated with Morton’s Neuroma. Having wide, deep toe boxes in Dr. Comfort therapeutic shoes work wonders.

Arthritis is a medical condition that can affect many bones in the body but can definitely cause pain and discomfort stemming from the feet. Therapeutic shoes with an open toe box to alleviate pressure, extra padding to soften impact and provide comfort, customized and removeable inserts plus rocker soles all work together to make walking easier when living with arthritis. Dr. Comfort shoes offers that type of support in many types of styles.

The Benefit of Inserts. Inserts provide a customized fit for any wearer seeking ultimate comfort and support. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes plus Dr. Comfort has a unique set of inserts to work for everyone’s specific needs. They sell the Gel Plus for comfort and shock absorption, the Heat Moldable insert, the Dynamic Relief insert for extra contour and stability, and Control X inserts for a deep-set heel and extra stability features.

Take Care of Your Foot Health

With the many benefits that Dr. Comfort diabetic shoes has to offer for anyone suffering from joint pain, diabetes, arthritis and other ailments or just anyone who wants everyday support, these quality comfort shoes remain stylish and comfortable. Take care of your foot health and find the customized shoewear for your everyday look.

Bonus: This brand is often covered by Medicare and Medicaid.