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Doctor Insole Custom-Grade Orthotics

Drastically less than custom, these podiatrist designed orthotic insoles not only change the way feet feel, but they restore natural alignment, promote better posture, and as a result, revive feet.

These insoles are as close as you can get to a properly made custom orthotic but at the fraction of the cost. Made from high quality materials and a patent-protected orthotic shape these insoles are far superior to other over-the-counter insoles and are highly recommended by Doctors and Professionals. They are great for helping with foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, tired feet, arch pain, and even lower back problems as they help provide an excellent foundation for your body to properly align the lower limbs.

Insoles that Conform to Your Feet

Doctor Insoles will take an impression of your foot while matching it to the neutral orthotic shell. In a day or two of wear, they will contour to your feet and soften with time & wear allowing your body to adjust to the correction.

Insoles for All Activities

FitStep™ is great for athletic shoes and shoes with removable insoles. These shoe inserts are best for running, sports or hiking.

MultiStep™ is a low profile orthotic insole for shoes that don't have removable insoles such as dress shoes, cleats or any other low-volume footwear.

LifeStep™ is the original DoctorInsole and is especially designed with comfort and stability in mind. This insole fits in all types of shoe types but is best for shoes that have removable insoles. Great for walking, leisure and recreation.

HighStep is a women's insole made to fit into dress shoes, heels and pumps that have a heel height of 2 1/2" high or more.


Materials Used to Make a DoctorInsole Orthotic

Doctor Insole's Custom-Grade Orthotic Shoe Inserts are made with materials medically consistent with custom orthotics, which includes a synthetic suede bottom cover, semi-rigid polypropylene shell, memory foam padding and either an EVA foam or synthetic leather top cover.

Insoles are a recommended treatment option for many common foot and joint issues – but not all insoles are created equal. Drugstore insoles are often low quality and one size fits all, while custom orthotics are time-consuming and expensive. So Doctor Insole consulted with elite doctors and scientists to create a patented insole shape, which gives you the quality and durability of a custom orthotic – at a fraction of the cost.


There are many testimonials such as the one in the video of happy people who use these insoles.

DoctorInsole Testimonials on how comfortable they are.