Diabetic Sandals

Diabetic Sandals

Diabetic Sandals

Diabetic Sandals for Men & Women

People with diabetes need to wear special footwear that both protects the foot & provides exceptional comfort. Diabetics are prone to many diabetic foot risks and there are many diabetic foot products available to help keep the feet healthy. The sandals below are great for diabetics because they have the following features:
  • Designed to prevents small debris from entering the sandal which could cause injury to the bottom of the feet.
  • Have enclosed heels to reduce the formation of calluses that may crack and become infected.
  • Are not flip-flop style. Diabetics should not use thong-type sandals as they may injure the skin between the toes.
  • Designed to be seamless - seams may irritate the skin.
  • Have extra-depth for using custom orthotics or prefabricated diabetic insoles.
  • Medicare A5500 - coded to be used as diabetic footwear.
It is recommended to wear diabetic socks along with the sandals. The diabetic socks we carry are proven to heal and protect the foot. Sandals below have free shipping within the continental US.


Mt. Emey 9212 - Women's Orthopedic Closed-toe Leather Sandal

3 Colors - 3 Widths

Mt. Emey 9212 - Women's Orthopedic Closed-toe Leather Sandal

$126.95 (save 1%)

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Finding a pair of comfortable sandals for diabetics is easy at Orthotic Shop! If you or a loved one has this condition, you know how important it is to take care of your feet, and traditional summer footwear can leave your toes exposed to injury or restrict your circulation. Diabetic sandals, offered by companies such as Boxer Dogs and Mt. Emey, feature a closed toe and heal design to protect your sensitive skin from foreign objects or from the drying and cracking that may occur with traditional styles. Diabetic sandals for women and men also have extra depth, perfect for using your own custom orthotic inserts and feature a seamless design made to reduce skin irritation. Browse our selection at Orthotic Shop today to answer the question of where to buy the best diabetic sandals.