Re-Order Amfit Orthotics

Re-Order Amfit Orthotics

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Product Description

Order additional pairs of Custom Orthotics that we made for you. This uses the impression that we have on file for you. Fast Free Shippng and 5-10% off.

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Order Additional Pairs of Orthotics using a previous made impression. Please select the options below. This uses the impression that we have on file for you. Fast Free Shippng and 5-10% off.

NOTE this is only if you ordered Amfit / Archcrafters orthotics from us before. If you got them somewhere else, you will need to have a new impression made, but we can use any previous made impressions as a guide.

Order Fulfillment Process / Delivery Time

Delivery of orthotics usually takes 5-7 business days after receiving the order. Shipping is free within the Continental US.

Orthotic Material

The insole is individually machined out of specially tailored densities of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. This material is commonly used in the mid-soles of athletic shoes. It is comfortable and very resistant to breakdown. We top off this foundation with a variety of topping materials, see picture and table below. Each finished insole is hand sanded to fit into the desired shoe. Steath-Rigid orthotics are made from Carbon Graphite.

Use / Types of Shoes

You can use in all type of activities after fully broken in, which usually takes about 2 weeks.

Any shoe with a removable insole will work just fine. Please remove the original insole and replace it with the finished orthotic. Some shoes without removable insole will work as well. This device can be used in a shoe without a removable insole.

The things to be aware of for shoe without a removable insole are:

  • The interior of the shoe should be relatively flat.
  • The orthotic you order should be 3/4 length.
  • The design of the shoe should be such that it does not deform the finished insole. A good example of this would be a high heel pump with a dramatic curve to the arch. This will deform the finished insole and not be comfortable.

Foot Sizes

The impression kit accommodates feet up to 13.5 inches long and 5.5 inches wide.

Premium Top Covers

Cambrelle (blue, brown, black) Advanced non-woven synthetic fabric with non-wicking action for protection against moisture buildup. An excellent choice for ski boots and casual footwear. 1mm
Camel Leatherette Durable and dressy; a quality thin synthetic leaver cover. 1mm
Blue/Black Leather Offers a high level of air permeability and absorbability,keeping feet dry and hygienic. 1.5mm.
Tan Suede Beautiful finish for style and comfort, a leather cover with a light tan textured suede nap. Excellent for casual wear. 1mm
Spenco - Neoprene (blue/black) Best for shock absorption and reducing friction while improving overall foot comfort. Popular for athletics, but great in all shoes. blue is 2mm, black is 4mm.
NBS Blue (Non-wicking) Extra shock relief without making your feet sweat - a premium synthetic cover similar to poron. Additional cushioning makes this a great choice for everyday wear. 1.5mm
Dryz® Antimicrobial Manages moisture where it's needed most. Absorbs moisture and convers to a dry-gel within the insole. Gelled moisture dissipates continuously throughout wear. Best used for athletic and casual wear. 2mm
Smoke Navy-ETC Features moisture transmission and a reduction in friction. Breathable air-cooled liner good for dress shoes, slippers and boots. 1mm
Micro Cell Puff Excellent shock-absorbing qualities with a solid return of material with each step. Great for walking. 2mm
Plastazote Designed for comfort. This top cover minimizes foot irritations with its less abrasive qualities. Offering both protection and cushioning to the foot, Plastizote reduces friction and evenly distributes weight. Diabetic cover. 6mm
Poron Plastazote Superior cushioning and pressure distribution for the diabetic and sensitive foot. The shock absorbing, breathable material is also compression resistant. This is the best choice for diabetics. 5mm
X-Static Black premium liner that delivers unparalleled anti-odor, thermodynamic and anti-microbial properties. The silver fibers eliminate the growth of odor causing bacteria. Silver fibers help prevent heat and friction, reducing chances of hot-spots and blistering. Excellent for athletics and extended wear. 2mm.


Soft provides the most comfort and is typically used by elderly patients. Medium is suitable for most people. Firm should be used by heavyset people or for those who need the extra support. The Dual-1 provdes Firm support in the heel section and medium support everywhere else. Dual-2 provides more support under the arch and heel. See picture below for additional explaination.

See our help section on orthotics for frequently asked questions.

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Jun 13, 2013

Gives enough for fitting cushion so pressure ulcers are kept in check even with using treadmill and hiking.

Advantages: Size: Runs True to Size.
Shoe Width: Runs True to Size.
Would buy again.
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Georgia Peeples

Feb 22, 2018

These orthotics are better than others I have had at three times the price!
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Jul 13, 2022

Fast service, great product. I use these in my running shoes post foot surgery. They work great.
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kelli webwr

Dec 8, 2021

Our son has suffered from painful bunions from a young age and only orthotic shop was able to provide the most comfortable and well fitting orthotic. No podiatrist could do what orthotic shop could do. Thank you!
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Jun 22, 2021

Consistently great fit on all Amfit custom orthotics I have ordered over the years...probably 10 in all.

Advantages: I have diabetes and foot problems. These do the trick and allow me to wear supportive athletic shoes with no problems.

Disadvantages: None.
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