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chung shi - the wellness brand based on Far Eastern principles - offers innovative products for your health which help you to find your inner balance and therefore to stay fit, healthy and happy. "Balance" is the core of chung shi. Balance between physical activity and relaxation (and between "Yin and Yan") in every part of your life.

Chung-Shi DUX Footwear

soft + light + healthy = functional shoes that feel great!


Chung Shi DUX - Unisex Comfort Clogs with Arch Support
Ice Blue

8 Colors Available

Chung Shi DUX - Unisex Comfort Clogs with Arch Support

Chung Shi DUX - Unisex Comfort Clogs with Arch Support. Time to balance! The DUX Clog beats the competition with great arch support and heel comfort. We call it our "heel pain" shoe. It is thermo-reactive so it conforms itself to your foot shape while wearing. And, it is laboratory verified as not containing toxic chemicals like other brands. The ergonomically designed shoe is made from high quality, super soft Duflex material. Duflex X-terrain is a breathable, non-aging cell construction rubber with thermoactive properties. Great alternative to the old crocsrx relief clogs that are no longer made.
$52.00 (save 25%)

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Chung shi's Philosophy is based on the Far Eastern experience of life. The name "chung shi" comes from an ancient philosophical tradition and means: Live your present, respect your experiences and actively design and plan your future. In short: live - learn - plan