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Caterpillar Steel/Composite Toe Work Boots

It's pretty simple: every guy needs a pair of composite or steel toe boots they can trust to withstand the laborious rigors of work or life. If you don't have a pair, you've come to right place because CAT Shoes makes some of the best steel toe work boots for men. Whether you need to keep your feet warm when working in the cold, or a pair that will let your feet breathe a little easier in the summer, Orthotic Shop has the durable CAT work boots to protect your foot from whatever debris or obstacles you may encounter. In fact, most of these are even built with a removable insole so you can insert a personalized orthotic whenever you'd like. For a the ultimate experience, Orthotic Shop also offers free shipping on all of our Caterpillar brand composite/steel toe work boots!

  SKU Product Our Price
CAT-P90478-7.0M CAT Boots - Inherit Pull On - Brown - Men's Steel Toe Boots $119.95 (Save 4%)
CAT-P90439-7.0M CAT Wellston Men's Steel Toe Work Boot - Dark Brown - Pull-on $139.95 (Save 3%)
CAT-P74028-7.0M CAT Wellston Men's SOFT Toe Work Boot - Dark Brown - Pull On $139.95 (Save 1%)
CAT-P90294-13.0W Caterpillar Switch Slip-Resistant Steel Toe Work Shoe $76.50 (Save 30%)
CAT-P90204-7.0M CAT Boots - Spur - Steel Toe Pull on Boots - Brown - Men's $122.95 (Save 24%)
CAT-P90230-8.5W CAT Boots - Dynamite Waterproof Steel Toe - Men's - Black $137.59 (Save 17%)
CAT-P90085-7.0W Caterpillar Edgework Unlined Static Discharge Steel Toe Boots - Mens Mahogany $115.95 (Save 24%)
CAT-P89988-7.0M Caterpillar Generator 8" Steel Toe - Waterproof - Dark Brown $124.95 (Save 24%)
CAT-P89817-7.0M Caterpillar Second Shift Steel Toe - Tan $91.95 (Save 20%)
CAT-P89135-7.0M Caterpillar Second Shift Steel Toe - Black $91.95 (Save 20%)
CAT-P89595-8.5M Caterpillar Mortar 6" Steel Toe - Men's Work Boot - Dark Brown $99.95 (Save 22%)
CAT-P89021-7.0W Caterpillar Colt Steel Toe Pull-On - Brown $121.95 (Save 21%)