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Forget those tight and awkward heels and pumps that leave your feet in an enormous amount of distress. Here at Orthotic Shop, we pride ourselves on carrying the most comfortable dress shoes so that you don’t have to stand or sit so uneasily at work all day. We carry many different styles of women’s dress shoes and casual footwear that are obtainable in many colors, heights, textiles and designs. From Mary Janes and sneakers to feminine flats and slip-on clogs, we represent top brands like Vionic/Orthaeheel, Aravon and Cobb. Browse our therapeutic casual and dress shoes to experience orthopedic pain relief with any outfit you wear.

  SKU Product Our Price
CG8724-060-B Aravon Abbey A Line Women's Slip-on $113.50 (Save 19%)
ABA02BK-2A-07 Aravon Hillary - Women's Slip Resistant Mary Jane $75.50
AAZ09BKM-B-7 Aravon Portia Comfort Mary Janes by Rockport $149.95
WEF07BK-060-B Aravon Farren - Women's Lace up Walking Shoe $144.95
WEF11BK-060-B Aravon Farah - Women's Mary Jane $116.50 (Save 20%)
ABA01BK-2A-07 Aravon Hope - Women's Slip Reistant Clogs $75.50 (Save 16%)
WEF16BK-060-B Aravon Francesca - Women's Casual Shoe $116.50 (Save 20%)
WEF12BK-060-B Aravon Flora - Women's Strap Walking Shoe $144.95
CH3595-060-B Aravon Beaumont Lace - Women's Comfort Shoe $98.50 (Save 18%)
ABF02BK-065-B Aravon Alana Mary Jane - Women's Leather Shoe $139.95
AAU13BK-060-B Aravon REVsavor - Women's Waterproof Shoes $149.95
AAU01TP-7-B Aravon REVshow by Rockport $119.95
ABJ03BK-060-B Aravon Wembly Mary Jane - Women's Comfort Shoe $75.50 (Save 16%)
WSM06BK-060-B Aravon Maya - Women's Mary Jane $149.95
WEF13BK-060-B Aravon Faith - Women's Slip-on Casual Shoe $144.95
AAG08BK-B-7 Aravon Danielle Slip-on by Rockport $149.95
AAU05TP-10-2E Aravon REVsmart by Rockport $120.36
CH1847-060-B Aravon Wembly Lace - Women's Comfort Sneaker $83.50 (Save 16%)
CH3730-060-B Aravon Provence Asym Slip-on - Women's Casual Shoe $120.50 (Save 20%)
CH3367-060-B Aravon Power Comfort Tie - Women's Casual Shoe $116.50 (Save 20%)
CG8757-050-B Aravon Lexee Twin Gore - Women's Heeled Slip-on $169.95
CG8753-130-B Aravon Lexee Mary Jane - Women's Heeled Shoe $169.95
CH3628-050-B Aravon Kitt Twin Gore - Women's Dress Shoe $128.50 (Save 20%)
CH4068-060-B Aravon Kitt Cross Strap - Women's Dress Shoe $128.50 (Save 20%)