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Silipos is a global leader in innovative gel orthotic solutions. Whether you’re dealing with heel spurs, bunions or a swollen ankle, giving your feet additional cushioning will help these painful foot conditions heal faster. This is why Orthotic Shop has compiled an assortment of Silipos gel pads and products to help ankles, toes, heels and more.

Constructed using medical grade materials, these Silipos gel foot pads, tubing and sleeves will help reduce the impact walking places on the affected area while helping to relieve pressure and friction. Browse the Silipos collection of orthopedic solutions at Orthotic Shop and, if you’re dissatisfied with the products for any reason, we’ll gladly exchange them.


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Don’t let a bunion or bone spur take you out! Constructed with medical grade mineral oils, Silipos gel orthotics will conform to your foot to get you back in the game sooner. Poorly fitting shoes can cause a whole host of issues for your feet, which is why Orthotic Shop is pleased to offer Silipos, the industry leader in gel orthopedic solutions. Use gel tubing or toe inserts to help promote proper posture and alignment, or wrap your ankle in a Silipos gel compression sleeve to help keep swelling under control. If you’re dealing with painful bunions, a mineral oil pad or gel strap will help reduce the pressure and friction being on your feet all day can cause. Take care of the pain and get back on your feet today!