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Keeping Pace Shoes

Keeping Pace Shoes

Innovative design for AFOs and children’s adaptive footwear needs. Unisex toddler, youth to young adult sizes

Wider, deeper heel box hides additional depth; ensures a precision fit with custom orthoses and AFOs
Adjustable depth inner soles of 3 varying thicknesses allows for easier internal adjustments for discrepancies in leg lengths and accommodations for AFOs
High abrasion resistant rubber toe cap and reinforced triple stitching ensures greater durability for the demands of children wearing AFOs and the stresses of various gait patterns wider, deeper toe box
Distinctive sole wider tread design increases direct surface contact and promotes greater medial/lateral stability extra high abrasion resistant rubber

Additional Features:
Ankle to toe lacing provides wider opening for easier foot insertion.
Speed lacing with locking eyelets promotes one handed pull lacing; locks laces in place for easier tying.
Geometrically graded last ensures a precise fit with accurately sized shoe.
Unique midsole is a compression molded EVA shell with visible cut line designed to facilitate the modification and build-up process.
Fray resistant lining is longer lasting and withstands the wear of AFO use.


Keeping Pace Laced/Velcro Athletic - Black
Velcro (KPS11VEL/KPS16VEL)

1 Colors Available

Keeping Pace Laced/Velcro Athletic - Black

$39.50 (save 54%)
If you have a child who needs to wear an ankle foot orthosis, you know how important it is to find a pair of shoes that will accommodate the brace without further limiting your daughter’s or son’s movement. Without resorting to costly custom insoles, this means finding a pair of kids orthotic shoes that offer the support they need in a style that matches their school clothing or uniform. Offered for both youths and toddlers, Keeping Pace shoes are specifically designed to accommodate AFO braces, and include an adjustable inner sole to help your children compensate for the additional length the orthosis adds. A Specially reinforced material helps to prevent the AFO Brace from fraying the lining, meaning you’ll just have to worry about your kids outgrowing their orthotic shoes, not about the products falling off their feet. Don’t struggle in a store trying to find pair of normal shoes that will accommodate your child’s brace; buy them a pair of Keeping Pace AFO shoes instead!