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Amfit & Archcrafters Orthotics

Amfit and Archcrafters are two of the best brands in the business for creating personalized, custom made orthotics that are sure to bring comfort wherever you go. What is a customized orthotic? This means that you take a mold of your feet, send it back to us and we provide you with an orthotic that perfectly matches and meets your foot support needs. Within this varied collection of custom insoles, Orthotic Shop carries a number of Amfit and Archcrafters orthotic insoles ideal for many different facets of your life. From running, walking, wellness to dress and heavy-duty work insoles, choose the right ones for your lifestyle or ask your doctor to ensure ideal compatibility and comfort!

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Re-Order Amfit Orthotics

Re-Order Amfit Orthotics

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Whether you’re a professional used to spending all day standing, or a diabetic struggling with poor circulation, you understand the importance of taking care of your feet. Archcrafters and Amfit Orthotics are two of the most respected producers of custom made insoles and we are proud to offer them to both men and women. Each order comes with an impression kit, instructions, and a questionnaire so that the insoles are built just for you. From formal inserts to slim insoles for your running shoes, find the Archcrafter or Amfit custom-made orthotic that will help you make your diabetes, Plantars Fasciitis, or heel pain more manageable. Unlike other alternatives, these podiatric products will provide truly individualized support that is designed to fit the specific curvature and need of your feet. Place your order today to receive your Archcrafters or Amfit orthotics impression kit as soon as possible.