Feet in comfortable and warm woolen stocks on a blanketWinter is here with a vengeance as the East Coast is seeing a possible record-breaking blizzard. Most of the United States is also experiencing various winter weather, which means that people need to know how to take care of themselves. We all know we need to eat plenty of food, dress warm, and avoid driving in hazardous conditions. However, many people do not think about the importance of winter foot care. This blog is going to explore the top ways you can take care of your feet this winter, keeping them healthy and happy!

  1. Wear Snowshoes During Winter Weather

If it is snowing outside or there is any form of winter precipitation, you should always make sure to wear snowshoes. This can help you keep your feet dry, which is vital for winter foot care. Snowshoes can also help you keep traction on slippery sidewalks. Make sure you find snowshoes that fit your feet perfectly to get the best results. You can also use orthotic insoles if your snowshoes are not orthotics. 

  1. Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry Throughout the Winter

A great way to take care of your feet in the winter is to make sure you keep your feet warm and dry. The best way to achieve this excellent winter foot care tip is to make sure you wear snowshoes and warm socks. If your feet do get wet, take off the wet socks and shoes as quickly as possible and dry your feet. Replace the wet items with dry socks and shoes and dry the wet items. 

  1. Moisturize Your Skin for Winter Foot Care

Winter is harsh on our skin, which means that we all will suffer from dry skin at one point or another during the cold months. When you take your shower, a great winter foot care tip is to make sure you always moisturize your feet with the right lotion for your skin. You should also make sure you drink plenty of water as this can also combat dry skin and keep not only feet healthy but also your entire body. 

  1. Wear Cotton or Wool Socks for Warmth

There are many people who think that they can wear dress socks or no socks at all during the winter. However, you need to make sure you wear cotton or wool socks. Both types will provide warmth, which is something you will need. If it is a very cold day, then always make sure to wear wool socks or thicker material to ensure that your feet stay warm. 

  1. Wear Warm House Slippers

When it comes to winter foot care, the biggest thing is that you, obviously, need to keep your feet warm. This goes for whether you are at home or not. A great way to keep your feet warm while you are at home is to wear house slippers and socks. This will keep your feet warm, and can also help prevent any problems that might arise. You can get great orthotic house slippers that make sure to provide the warmth and support you need! 

  1. Choose the Proper Shoes for Winter Sports

If you participate in winter sports, then you need to practice good winter foot care by following the above tips and wearing the correct shoes. This will keep you from having major injuries and make sure you can participate easily in your favorite winter sport. 

  1. Avoid Wearing Summer Footwear

A major thing many people do during the winter is wearing summer footwear. They think that light tennis shoes, flats, and sandals are fine to wear if they are not going to be out for very long. In fact, some people do walk through the snow in summer footwear. Engage in good winter foot care by always wearing the proper winter shoes whether it is just cold outside or there is winter precipitation.

Make sure you are engaging in proper winter foot care for the remainder of the winter months! If you are looking for great orthotic insoles for your snowshoes or wonderful house slippers, then The Orthotic Shop is the perfect place for you! Take a look at our shop to find something that works perfectly for you.