Senior Patient Foot On Examination BenchYou may have just gotten back from the doctor learning that you have diabetes, or you may have had diabetes for quite some time, yet need to make some health changes. Many times, doctors may even tell you that you need special shoes known as diabetic shoes. Once you hear this, you probably start wondering just what diabetic shoes are. This blog is going to explore what these shoes are, how they are different from regular footwear, as well as other diabetic footwear available for people.

What Are Diabetic Shoes?

Diabetic shoes are made specifically for individuals who have diabetes and need to keep their feet healthy. These shoes are specially made not to cause skin irritations, help promote blood flow, and will not rub causing calluses or blisters that could become infected. Many people will not wear diabetic shoes until they are told to. Their doctor will tell them what they need to if they have poor blood circulation or diabetic neuropathy. The way that diabetic shoes are different from other shoes is that they are considered to be deeper or extra depth that most other shoes do not have. Other names for these shoes are therapeutic shoes or Sugar Shoes. It is not as hard as you might think to find excellent diabetic shoes that will meet your needs. In some cases, you may have to get custom orders to make sure you get the best shoes to fit your feet, but there are several great shops that help with this, including The Orthotic Shop. 

Is There Other Diabetic Footwear Available?

The good news is that diabetic footwear does not stop at just shoes. You can find a number of different diabetic footwear such as socks and insoles. You may find that you will just need insoles or socks, and sometimes you may find that your doctor wants you to wear a combination of diabetic shoes and socks. All of these items will make sure that your feet stay healthy, and also ensures that you will not have foot pain. 

Importance Of Keeping Your Feet Healthy

It is highly important that you take care of your feet to make sure they stay healthy. One of the first steps (no pun intended) to take is to check your feet every day. Not only should you check your feet every day, but you should also make sure to take daily precautions to keep your feet healthy. A few tips to promoting foot health are:


  • Wash your feet daily with warm water and gentle soap. Make sure you rinse your feet thoroughly and dry them completely. Always make sure you dry between your toes well as this area is more prone to fungal infections. Also, if you use lotion, do not put it between your toes. You might consider using lotion as it can help keep your feet from cracking, preventing infection.
  • Trim your toenails every week to make sure your nails do not get too long. This could cause them to scratch your feet, causing wounds,which opens your feet up for infection.
  • Wear proper shoes to promote support and blood flow. If you are not wearing diabetic shoes, make sure you wear shoes that aren’t too tight or loose.

The Orthotic Shop provides a number of diabetic shoes and footwear for you to choose from when you need to purchase some. We also provide custom shoes for those who need them. Please take a look around our shop and see if we have what you need! If you have any questions, we are more than pleased to help you.