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Photo Credit: iStock Photo

There are several treatment methods for various, painful foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, and other problems. However, you might not realize that one simple exercise can be incredibly beneficial for not just your feet, but also your entire body. What is this exercise? The ever-popular yoga is perfect for stretching your feet, keeping them pain-free and helping them take on anything you throw their way throughout the day. You do not have to be incredibly flexible to do yoga poses, and you will find that both standing and seated poses will be just as beneficial for your feet. Yoga for your feet is a great way to treat most ailments, and you will also find that any other pains you have might become alleviated as well.

Why Yoga For Your Feet Is Beneficial

First, let’s look at why yoga for your feet is beneficial. One of the main reasons is that yoga will easily stretch out your feet, alleviating pain. Yoga for your feet will also make sure you put the proper amount of weight on your feet throughout the day. While it might take a while for this to happen, you will notice that your posture will change over time because you are standing on your feet correctly. You will also notice that your feet will be able to take on your whole weight with little to no trouble because of doing yoga for your feet. 

  1. Mountain And Tree Pose Can Help Your Feet Significantly

One of the easiest poses for yoga for your feet is doing the mountain pose, followed by the tree pose. Before you try the tree pose, first attempt mountain pose. This pose is simple and has you stand on both of your feet. Make sure your weight is distrusted through your feet evenly, and ground yourself. The best way to do this is to take deep, yoga breaths, keep your body posture straight, and look straightforward. Hold this pose for six to ten breaths to properly stretch your feet. You can then move into tree pose, which requires you to lift one leg, placing it on the other. If you are not very coordinated, then feel free to use a chair. Make sure your weight is distributed evenly throughout your foot again and hold the pose for six to ten breaths and switch sides. 

  1. Extended Side Angle Pose Helps Your Feet And Core

While this is a little more challenging, the extended side angle is the perfect yoga pose for your feet. It will help stretch them out, and distribute the proper amount of weight. This pose helps to improve your stamina, and it will even have incredible benefits for your core, back, and shoulders. Start in mountain pose, and then walk your legs out about three to four feet apart. Stay in that pose until you feel grounded, and then turn your right or left leg out. Slowly reach your opposite hand over your head towards the leg you have turned out. You can put your other arm on your leg for better control over your body. Hold this pose for six to ten breaths then evenly, and slowly switch sides.

  1. Seated Forward Bends Help Eliminate Pain

If you are not quite up to do the extended side angle pose, then a seated forward bend is the perfect way to utilize yoga for your feet. Sit down on the ground on a towel or, preferably, a yoga mat. Stretch your feet out in front of you. You can then use a rubber band to stretch over your legs, or simply stretch over your legs without the band. Take deep breaths as you stretch forward; make sure your toes stay pointed towards the ceiling. Always make sure you are not pushing yourself too far when doing this pose. 

In Closing, After Yoga, Wear Orthotic Shoes

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