iStock_000021302291_SmallToday is Christmas and what better way to celebrate than by offering an excellent gift guide to help give your feet some special treatment. Your feet are going to be quite exhausted after the holiday season. Even though many of us think we will get a chance to relax, we find ourselves rushing around between family outings, cooking meals, and possibly heading to stores. Once the holiday rush settles, you should consider giving your feet some of the best presents possible. This blog is going to highlight different gifts you can give your feet to help pamper them!

  1. Give Your Feet the Gift of Orthotic Shoes

As you can tell from our various blogs, orthotic shoes are perfect of people whether they have foot conditions or not. Orthotic shoes provide excellent support and comfort that you miss when wearing regular, non-orthotic shoes. This holiday season, consider gifting your feet some wonderful orthotics and give your feet a reprieve from non-cushioned, non-orthotic shoes. You can find a number of styles from boots to ballet flats and even some great high heel shoes. Look around to find the perfect ones for you and consider adding in a few orthotic insoles so that you can comfortably wear some of your favorite non-orthotic shoes.

  1. Treat Them to a Footbath

While you are waiting for your orthotic shoes to arrive, you should take some time this holiday season soak your feet in some warm water. This can be  in a bucket or tub, or even getting a fancy bath specifically for feet. This can help you relax and rest your feet from all the walking and standing you have had to do for the holidays. Go to a comfortable room in your home with some soothing music or even a good book and sit back, letting your feet and body relax.

  1. Remove Dead Skin Cells

If you want to avoid having calluses on your feet, pick up a pumice stone. You can use it to take off dead skin after your footbath and help to keep your feet healthy. They are incredible for dry skin and help to make sure your feet stay smooth all year long, even in the winter months. 

  1. Pamper With Epsom Salts

Epsom salts might sound like a magical ingredient, but they are, in fact, natural minerals that help relax your feet and body. Just add some to your footbath and you’ll immediately start feeling the benefits. You can get regular Epsom salts or pick one with one of several pleasant scents. There are a variety of salts to choose from when you go to most stores, so it should be easy to find one that suits your needs.

  1. Give the Gift of Great Moisturizers

Keep your feet healthy and happy by giving them the gift of great moisturizers. Getting a moisturizer is a great way to keep your feet smooth and healthy instead of dried and cracked from the cold weather. Moisturizers also help you give your feet a nice massage, which can help with relaxing your feet. Remember, when you give your feet a nice footbath, make sure you always moisturize afterward. 

  1. Slip Into Some Soft Slippers

With the holiday season comes cold weather and it will only get colder as January and the dead of winter sets in. Give your feet the gift of warm and comfortable house slippers to keep your feet toasty without resorting to wearing your shoes around the house. There is just something incredibly relaxing about kicking off your daily shoes (no matter how comfortable they are) and putting on a pair of house slippers. Try this out and watch as you easily melt away the stress of the holidays and of returning to work.

Use this gift guide to give your feet some awesome treats during and after the holiday season. If you are looking for excellent orthotics, then take a look around The Orthotic Shop to find some great shoes to give your feet. We have a wide selection of different styles for you to choose from, helping you find the shoes that are perfect for you.

Merry Christmas from everyone at The Orthotic Shop! We hope you have a wonderful holiday.