iStock_000043307758_SmallYou may think that you can never wear high heels again if you do not want to have foot pain. However, you can wear some high-heeled shoes without pain and keep your feet healthy at the same time. This will help you wear the shoes you want to make your outfit a gorgeous success you will be proud to wear anywhere! Let’s take a look at the top five ways you can wear high heels without pain to keep your feet healthy and still have a great style.


  1. Make Sure You Wear High Heels that Are the Right Size

This tip is not only for heels but is also great for any shoe. When you wear high heels, you should always make sure that they are the right size. You do not want shoes that are too large because you could fall or cause rubbing on your foot. If the shoes are too tight, you will have pain from pinching and can get blisters from rubbing, as well. The best way to avoid this is to make sure they are the right size. Do not get shoes that you love if they are only in a small or larger size – you will not love them much longer.


  1. Know Your Foot Type to Wear the Right Heels

You will also need to know your foot type to make sure you wear the right heels. You will need to know what type of arch support you will need, and also if you can wear high heels at all. You can find out the foot type you have by going to a professional such as a podiatrist. The doctor can measure and look at your foot, giving you tips on the type of heels you can and should wear.


  1. Thick High Heels Are the Best to Wear

Stilettos are fun, and look incredible with anything. However, the thinner the heel is, the more likely you are to have foot pain and problems from the shoe. Wear high heels that have a wider heel, and consider getting platforms that provide a thick sole, as well. This will help provide good support for your feet and body.


  1. Take Your Shoes Off Throughout the Day

Your feet will need rest from the heels, so be sure you take them off throughout the day and let your feet rest and relax. You can do some basic foot stretches to make sure your feet stay healthy. You can even do stretches before you put your shoes on for the first time that day and throughout the rest of the day to keep your muscles safe from harm.


  1. Wear Orthotic High Heels or Inserts

The best way to wear high heels is to either wear orthotic heels or get orthotic inserts for your current high-heeled shoes. This will help provide the support and comfort you need throughout your day, making it easier to wear your favorite heels to work or when you go out for a special occasion.


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