RunnerRunning is a great cardio workout that not only helps improve your heart and lungs, but also helps you get outdoors when most of your life keeps you inside. It is a vital workout that many people skip out on, but running has become more popular now for many. Because of this, most people do not know just what to do to keep their feet safe. This blog is going to focus on some of the top foot care tips for runners to help you keep your feet safe and healthy as you start to run and get into tip-top shape!


  1. Top Foot Care Tips for Runners: Wear the Proper Shoes for Running

One of the best and most common foot care tips for runners is wearing the correct shoes for running. For many beginners, it seems like all you need to do is go to your local shoe store, buy any available tennis shoe, and you are ready. However, this is completely untrue. You need to make sure you get the proper shoe for the type of running you plan on doing (paved areas or wooded, uneven areas) and for your foot. The best way is to know where you plan to run, as well as getting orthotic athletic shoes to give your feet the proper support and comfort you will need.


  1. Stretch Properly Before Running

This is not just good for your feet but is also good for your entire body. Stretching helps to loosen up your muscles, and warm you up to keep you from getting injured. This is one of the different foot care tips for runners that all beginners will see because it is vital to keep your feet and body safe. If you get an injury from not stretching, you will have to stop running for a bit, which no one wants to do when they want to workout.


  1. Trim Your Toenails Before You Start to Run

Another one of the top foot care tips for runners is always trim your toenails before you run. This will help you keep from scratching your feet, which can cause pain and stop you from running. This can also be detrimental to those with diabetes because you need to make sure you keep your feet safe and free from any cuts that could become infected. This is a simple foot care tip to follow, and will help keep your feet healthy and safe, allowing you to run for as long as you want and need.


  1. Wear the Right Socks

Many people will do the research for the right type of shoes, but many will think that any type of socks will work. This, however, is not true, and you will need to make sure you wear the right ones. The best socks to wear are cotton or those specifically designed for athletics and running. Do not wear dress socks since these are usually too thin for what you need. They can also retain moisture, which can cause problems with things like athlete’s foot.


Following these top foot care tips for runners will help you have the best results while running, giving you the chance to train more and get healthier. If you are looking for great orthotic athletic shoes, then look no further! The Orthotic Shop is the perfect place for orthotic shoes, including those for running or walking. Take a look to find the ones you want and try them out, today!