Young woman in bathTaking care of your feet is important for anyone, no matter his or her health condition. However, if you have diabetes, diabetic foot care is an integral part of managing the disease. There are many different things you can do to take care of your feet, ensuring you, and they, stay healthy. This blog is going to look at some of the top tips for diabetic foot care to help you figure out what you should do. If you have any questions, always be sure to contact your doctor. Let’s take a look at some of the top ways you can take care of your feet if you have diabetes!

  1. Always Wear the Correct Shoes

Wearing the correct shoes is vital when you have diabetes and is one of the top steps in diabetic foot care. You should always wear shoes that protect your feet, as well as shoes that give you the support you need. In fact, you might find that you need to wear diabetic shoes, which will help keep your feet and body healthy. If you do not need diabetic shoes, you should consider getting orthotic shoes instead of purchasing shoes that might be dangerous for your feet. There are many different types to choose from, giving you the chance to find the perfect shoes for your style and needs. 

  1. Wash Your Feet Regularly

Washing your feet is a great way to make sure you are taking care of your feet, and can even help with the next point. When it comes to diabetic foot care, washing your feet helps keep them clean of bacteria that can cause problems, as well as helping you find any potential problems. After you wash your feet, always make sure they are completely dry before you use lotion and avoid putting lotion between your toes. 

  1. Check Your Feet for Any Changes

When you wash your feet, take the chance to look at and investigate your feet to see if anything has changed or if you have sores, blisters, or anything else. If you see any changes in your feet, then you need to make sure you head to your doctor immediately to make sure it is not severe. In addition, if you have blisters or corns, you should always go to your doctor to make sure you treat them correctly and keep them from getting infected. 

  1. Carefully Trim Toenails Regularly

Toenails can cause a major problem when it comes to diabetic foot care, so make sure you trim your toenails regularly. Always do so carefully, but by trimming your toenails, you are lessening the risk of the nails cutting your toes and causing further problems. This will also help you avoid potential infection and can help you notice any changes in your toenails that you should get checked out.

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