Hands Touching Naked FootThere are several different foot conditions out there, but some are quite rare for people to get. However, there are several top foot conditions that are some of the most common and aggravating problems. The top foot conditions range from problems that are caused by shoes to bacterial or fungal problems. This blog is going to explore five of the many top foot conditions, giving you information about them with a few tips on treating each issue.

1. Calluses Are One Of The Top Foot Conditions

Everyone has calluses no matter if the person walks barefoot or wears shoes, making calluses one of the top foot conditions out there. However, calluses can become incredibly hard and painful for many people. Calluses form when dead skin joins together creating a tough layer of skin to protect the foot. You will get calluses on your fingers as well if you play a stringed instrument because the purpose of a callus is to make sure your skin stays safe. It is important to manage your calluses though because many can get out of hand and become painful. You can put some padding around the callus that is causing you pain, and head to the podiatrist to see what other treatments he or she recommends. Sometimes it is as simple as getting a pumice stone, but it is always wise to seek medical care before starting treatment. 

2. Blisters Are Something Many Encounter

If you wear ill-fitting shoes or wear high heels, then you might have encountered a blister throughout your life. You will get blisters from ill-fitting, tight shoes that rub against your skin significantly while walking. You can also develop blisters from shoes that are not soft and do not have edges that move with your foot. Blisters make everything uncomfortable especially when you are walking. Always make sure to keep the blister clean. You can open it if you feel safe enough doing so, but it is wise to either wait for it to break on its own or seek medical help. Once it does break, always make sure to use antibiotic oil or cream to keep it from getting infected.  In addition, find new shoes such as orthotic shoes that fit correctly. 

3. Athlete’s Foot Is Another Common Foot Condition

This is one of the top foot conditions many people who workout face. It is a fungal condition that often occurs between your toes or under your feet because the area is usually dark and moist. Your skin will become inflamed, and you might have a white rash that feels rather scaly. It is easy to avoid this by making sure to change your socks and shoesregularly if your feet become sweaty, as well as letting your shoes dry before putting them back on. You can also use antifungal creams that you can get over the counter from several different grocery store pharmacies. If those are not helping, you should go to a doctor to learn different ways to treat one of the top foot conditions. 

4. Hammertoes Are Quite Common

Hammertoes are one of the top foot conditions for women who wear high heels, though it is possible for other people to develop this condition due to ill-fitting, tight shoes. This is painful for many people, and you will notice your third and fourth toes starting to become misshapen if you are getting hammertoes. Some people often believe hammertoes are arthritis, which is why you should go to the doctor or a podiatrist to make sure which condition it is before beginning treatment. One of the best ways to treat hammertoes is to get orthotic shoes or inserts to support your feet while also making sure to allow your toes the proper room they need. In some situations, you can reverse hammertoes, but only if you follow the treatment methods closely. 

5. Plantar Fasciitis Is Another Common Problem

Another of the top foot conditions is plantar fasciitis. This is a problem in your heel, which makes it hard for you to walk in the morning. It is inflammation in the fascia and will cause pain that keeps you from doing several common activities. Things such as night splints and orthotic shoes or inserts are very helpful for people with plantar fasciitis as are various exercises that stretch and strengthen the foot.

In Closing

If you have any of these top foot conditions, The Orthotic Shop has several treatment options for you. We have a great selection of orthotic devices for you to look through to find which ones will be the best for you and your condition. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!