iStock_000020066121_SmallWhen it comes to taking care of your feet, one thing that might confuse you is how to care for excessively sweaty feet. You might be leisurely walking around, or you may even be sitting when your feet start sweat for no reason. This can be difficult to manage, and can also lead to discomfort when your socks and shoes get wet. It can also lead to fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, which will lead to bad foot odor. This blog is going to look at what causes excessively sweaty feet and how you can treat the condition at home.


What Causes Excessively Sweaty Feet?

When it comes to regular sweat, there are many factors, but if you have excessively sweaty feet, you may have a condition called hyperhidrosis. The main cause of this condition is hereditary, but researchers and doctors are not sure of any major causes outside of that. If you start having excessively sweaty feet, it will be good to ask relatives if they have the same problem. If so, this means that it is most likely hyperhidrosis. You should also ask a doctor, however, before making a diagnosis yourself.


Symptoms to Look For

The obvious symptom of hyperhidrosis is excessively sweaty feet, but there are a few other symptoms you can look for when you notice the problem. You may notice a whitish look to your feet, as well as a wet look from sweating. You will also be more prone to foot infections, and foot odor is likely to be present. You may also suffer from stress or anxiety about your sweaty feet and possible odor.


How Can You Treat it At Home?

The good news about excessively sweaty feet is that you can easily treat it at home. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can treat this condition yourself!


  1. Regularly Washing Feet with Antibacterial Soap

You will need to make sure you are regularly washing your feet. Excessively sweaty feet can have an odor and, as we’ve mentioned, are more prone to infections. If you wash your feet every day with antibacterial soap, you will be able to keep the odor down and keep your feet from developing different infections.


  1. Use Foot Powder to Absorb Sweat

You can use foot powder to absorb moisture after you have washed your feet or throughout the day. This will help keep your feet dry, and help avoid further infection or problems with your feet. You can find a number of great food powders at various stores in your area.


  1. Wear Proper Socks and Shoes

If you have excessively sweaty feet, you will need to make sure that you wear proper socks and shoes. You can wear regular cotton socks or those made with moisture-wicking material. When you choose shoes to wear, consider using orthotic shoes. They will help give you support, and some can even help your feet breathe instead of encasing them in material that is not breathable. You can also get your doctor’s opinion on which orthotic shoes you should purchase.


  1. Carry Extra Socks With You

Since you cannot stay home all the time due to your excessively sweaty feet, you should carry extra socks with you while you are out. This can give you the chance to change your socks if they get too wet, keeping your feet dry. You can also carry around a small thing of foot powder to use if the moisture is particularly bad.


  1. Seek Medical Help if the Problem Gets Worse

If these do not help your condition or you feel you need more advice, you should seek medical care. A podiatrist can give you more information on hyperhidrosis, as well as further treatment plans if the basic at-home-care does not work. The doctor can also check and make sure that excessively sweaty feet are not a symptom of another major health problem.


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