iStock_000016119047_SmallFinding the perfect shoes can be difficult for anyone, especially when you’re trying to find something in-style or in-season. While the shoes might look great sitting on a shelf at a snazzy retailer or look stunning on your feet, that does not mean they are healthy, and many could have negative impacts. What are these shoes? How can you avoid them? Here are 5 of the worst when it comes to offending footwear. Thankfully, some healthier alternatives exist.


  1. Regular Flip-Flops Are Unhealthy

Flip-flops are some of the unhealthiest shoe options out there. These shoes are terrible for your feet because they provide almost no support for your arch, toes, or ankles. Flip-flops are intended for short trips to the beach or pool, not for the everyday wear that most people use them for. Wearing these shoes can cause severe foot problems and pain if you wear them to an amusement park or walking around the mall. However, if you want to wear this fashionable footwear, you can always wear orthotic flip-flops. These will help provide the support you are missing from the regular ones and keep your feet cool on a hot summer’s day.


  1. Spiked High Heel Shoes Are Terrible For Your feet

High spiked shoes put all of your weight on the ball of your foot, which is terrible for your posture and because of the strain it puts on your legs and ankles. This can cause significant discomfort and can lead to painful conditions like hammertoe. Many people do not think about the damage high heels cause their feet and will continue wearing them frequently. Just as with flip-flops, you can find high heels that are healthy for your feet by getting orthotic heels. It should be noted that orthotics take the height of the heel into consideration and don’t have skinny spikes that are rough on your ankles. They are made in a way to make sure your feet, ankles, and knees are kept safe.


  1. Pointy-toed Shoes can be Bad for Your Feet

While this trend seems to be disappearing slowly, there are still far too many shoes who’s front comes to a narrow point. These shoes are terrible for your feet because they squeeze your toes tightly, cutting off circulation. These can cause things such as hammertoe, but can also cause neuroma, especially if the pointy shoe is also a spiked heel. While you might like this style, it is wise to avoid it to keep your feet and body healthy.


  1. Regular Ballet Flats

The majority of ballet flats are made for looks and many people think that since they are not high-heeled, they are healthier for their feet. In fact, these shoes are terrible for your feet since many are made without any trace of support and many of these shoes neglect any cushioning. You’ll notice when purchasing ballet flats from a store that they always recommend insoles to help provide support and cushioning. This is always a red flag that a shoe will not be healthy for your feet. However, you can get orthotic ballet flats that do provide all of the necessary support and cushioning, while still looking cute and simple.


  1. Shoes Without a Back

When you wear shoes without a back, your toes will start to grasp the shoe to offer better support and keep the shoe on. This will cause hammertoe and can also cause nerve problems with your toes and the rest of your feet. Consider always wearing shoes that have backs whether in strap or solid form. This will help keep your feet supported without your toes needing to grasp the shoe.


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