Aetrex Customized Comfort Sandalista sandals hit the market in 2009 and provided women suffering from foot pain a great Summer option to feel the same comfort combination a good pair of shoes and orthotics give. In 2011, Aetrex released a new line of Cork Comfort Sandalista sandals that are at a better price point and feature the exceptional shock-absorbing properties of cork.

Sandalistas are the first sandals perfectly designed for providing comfort to a woman’s foot. To start, the footbed is anatomically shaped and contoured to match the foot and eliminate pressure and friction.

All Sandalistas proudly feature built-in Lynco Orthotic support to incorporate the benefits of the world’s most successful foot orthotic system. Instead of using firm materials, Sandalistas are made with IQ150™ Memory Foam that conforms to your specific gait/walking pattern and ensures an equal distribution of pressure while you walk.

Sandalistas are available in two distinct collections: The Cork Comfort and Customized Comfort. The Cork Comfort collection merges the benefits of Lynco support with the light-weight, shock absorbing properties of cork and EVA. The Customized Comfort collection incorporates Aetrex’s patented Mozaic Customization Technology to allow you to immediately customize Sandalistas for the ultimate in personalized comfort and exceptional performance. The Customized Comfort collection sandals feature removable footbeds to let wearers use custom orthotics with the sandals. Click this link to read our previously written article on the Aetrex Sandalista Customized Comfort Collection.

Purchase Aetrex Cork Sandalistas at the Orthotic Shop

Aetrex Cork Sandals start at $88.95 and are shipped for free at the Orthotic Shop. At the time of this article, there are five styles of Cork Sandalistas that are available in many colors as shown below.

Aetrex Cork Sandalista – Emily
Aetrex Cork Sandalista - Emily
Aetrex Cork Sandalista – Tamara
Aetrex Cork Sandalista - Tamara
Aetrex Cork Sandalista – Hannah
Aetrex Cork Sandalista - Hannah
Aetrex Cork Sandalista – Sabrina
Aetrex Cork Sandalista - Sabrina
Aetrex Cork Sandalista – Lilly
Aetrex Cork Sandalista - Lilly

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