iStock_000036004668_SmallYou’ve just received excellent news (or maybe you received it a few months ago) – you’re pregnant! This is such an exciting time for everyone, isn’t it?

The first few months of pregnancy can be exciting as you experience things for the first time or even second, third, or more. But eventually, you’ll start noticing that, by golly, your feet sure do hurt.

Is this something to be concerned about? Is there anything you can do to alleviate it?

First, you should always go to your doctor if you are worried about your foot pain. When you find out if it is serious or just the typical pains of pregnancy, then you can embark on pregnancy foot care at home.

We are going to look at a few great tips that can help you keep your feet feeling great throughout the glorious 9 months of carrying that bundle of joy. 

5 Great Pregnancy Foot Care Tips Just for You 

What can you do when your feet start hurting? There are a few things can help you significantly. 

  1. Go Up in Shoe Size

Don’t worry, your feet aren’t really getting bigger, but your ligaments are loosening. This is something that is common in pregnant women, especially if you have water retention and swollen feet.

Sometimes, the best solution for this is to go up in a shoe size for the duration of your pregnancy. This will help relieve pain from tight shoes and keep your feet comfortable. 

  1. Go to Your Doctor if Foot Pain or Swelling Gets too Worrisome

We keep saying this and we mean it. If your swelling or pain gets to be too much or is even the slightest bit worrisome, go to your doctor.

You will need to make sure that there isn’t a different cause for your pain and swelling. If you find out it is the simple aches, pains, and swelling of pregnancy, then engage in these pregnancy foot care tips. 

  1. Stretch Out Your Feet Each Day

Do some simple stretches throughout the day to help alleviate your foot pain. Pregnancy foot care can be quite simple, so stretch those toes out, do some basic leg stretches, and make sure you stretch your shins.

There are several great stretching routines out there for pregnant ladies, and you will find that doing these might just relieve your overall discomfort during pregnancy. 

  1. Take Some You Time, and Put Your Feet Up

No matter if this is your first child or eighth, you need to take time for yourself. This will help you relax before the baby comes and also help relieve your foot pain. One of the top pregnancy foot care tips is simply to lift those feet up and sit back with a good book.

Find someone to babysit your children if needed and plan to take a beautiful you day as you enjoy feeling your baby move around and resting your tired feet. 

  1. Wear Orthotic Shoes

If you are looking for optimal comfort, a great idea would be to wear orthotic shoes for pregnancy foot care.

You can ask your doctor or podiatrist what he or she recommends, and get some excellent shoes that will feel absolutely wonderful. 

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