Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Treating your feet is a great idea whether you are wearing proper shoes like orthotic shoes or getting a pedicure. Many people do not think pedicures are for them, however they are healthy for you and your feet for many reasons. When you combine methods like wearing orthotic shoes and getting pedicures, you are promoting healthier feet and an overall healthier life. Let’s take a look at the top seven reasons why pedicures are healthy.

1. Pedicures are Healthy Because They Relax You

One of the ways pedicures are healthy is that they help relax your entire body. Our feet carry all of our weight and face some of the harshest treatment.  When you get a pedicure, you will get a foot massage by a trained professional. This will relax your feet, and begin to relax your body. This will decrease the stress in your life and promote heart health and lessen anxiety.


 2. You Can Detect Foot Problems Early On

When you get pedicures, you will be able to detect foot problems before they become too much of a problem. Most of the conditions that pedicurists can spot are skin problems such as fungus, corns, and blisters. The pedicurist will be able to tell you about these and can give you tips on how to treat the conditions before getting worse.


 3. You are Less Likely to Get Infections

Pedicures are healthy because you are less likely to get various infections. Your nails will be kept healthy and clean, which can eliminate the chances of getting toenail fungus. It will also help keep nails from growing and curling under, which can puncture your skin and cause different infections. Regular pedicures remove dry skin and bacteria that build up on our feet.


 4. Pedicures Get Rid of Dry Skin

As mentioned above, pedicures are healthy because they get rid of dry skin. This is great when it is wintertime because dry skin is a major problem that most people encounter. This will keep you from building up horrible calluses and keep the likelihood of fungal infections down. Your feet will also feel incredibly smooth and look great.


5. Your Feet are Moisturized Adequately

A pedicurist knows how to moisturize feet properly, and many use a variety of lotions for different skin types. If you are more prone to dry skin, he or she might use a strong moisturizing lotion. The pedicurist will also know how much lotion to use, instead of using too much or little on your feet. He or she will also ensure that there is no leftover lotion, which can cause infections and fungal problems.


6. Promotes Blood Flow and Circulation

Because you get a massage when you get a pedicure, you will find that pedicures are healthy for blood flow and circulation. Massages promote blood flow to heal various areas in your body, which is why many doctors prescribe massage for people with different pains and illnesses. The same is true for your feet. Circulation is important because of problems like deep vein thrombosis can happen without adequate blood flow. Diabetics also need to have regular foot massages to keep their feet healthy.


7. Perfect for Nail Health

When we take care of our feet at home, we often forget about our toenails until we realize it is time to trim them. Getting a pedicure ensures your toenails are healthy by making sure cuticles are trimmed and managed, along with getting the nails are trimmed, and cleaned underneath the nail where bacteria is known to thrive.


Take this opportunity to treat yourself and get a pedicure to improve your foot health. In order to continue promoting healthy feet after getting a pedicure, consider purchasing orthotic shoes or insoles. The Orthotic Shop has a great selection for you to choose from, so take a look to find shoes that will be perfect for you!