Not only does the Orthotic Shop provide exceptional prices on quality Custom Orthotics and comfortable & stylish Orthopedic Shoes , they are having a Holiday Season sale!  Please use the coupon code below to get 8% off your order!

Holiday special for 2008, use the coupon code “xmas08” for 8% off orders over $100! Valid now until Jan 5, 2009.

The Orthotic Shop provides free shipping on most shoes made by Aetrex, PW Minor, CrocsRx, and Apis along with the above discount.  Additionally, they have added a new lineup of Custom Orthotics that are more durable than the standard EVA foam models and are designed to suit a wide range of activities and footwear.  Please browse the new selection of orthotics by clicking the picture below.

Custom Sports Orthotics

Please look for more new and innovative footwear products in the coming months!