plantar fasciitis foot massageWhile you have read all about plantar fasciitis and how you can treat it with various exercises, you may wonder if there is a way to treat it outside of physical therapy. There are several great ways to do so, but this blog is going to focus on four specific device you can wear to treat plantar fasciitis. We are going to look at insoles, night splints, orthopedic shoes, as well as custom shoes and insoles. 

1. Insoles Are A Great Option

If you are in the market for something to aid you as you do exercises to treat plantar fasciitis, but do not want to pay high amounts of money for shoes, you will find that insoles are great. Insoles will help give your feet the perfect support you need, as well as make sure that you are not bothered by pain in the morning, throughout the day, and at night. You will find that orthotic insoles will be perfect to add in your regular shoes, which can allow you to continue wearing some of your favorites. 

2. Night Splints Will Help Keep Your Feet From Hurting

Sometimes, a doctor may tell you that you have a severe case of plantar fasciitis. A great way to make sure that you do not wake up with pain in your foot, heel, or arch in the morning is to wear a night splint while you are seeking treatment. Night splints are great ways to treat plantar fasciitis, and they can even be wonderful to use once the pain has disappeared to ensure that you do not have any more problems. Some people who have suffered from plantar fasciitis in the past have found that it can flare up randomly when they are on their feet more or if they accidentally injure themselves. This is a great reason to wear a night splint every night. 

3. Orthotic Shoes Are Perfect To Treat Plantar Fasciitis

When you have a more severe case or find that the condition keeps coming back, you might want to consider purchasing orthotic shoes to treat plantar fasciitis. There are a great number of shoes to choose from, and many are stylish or perfect for you to wear to work. These shoes aim to provide you with the support that regular shoes do not provide. Many name brands that you see in stores do not think of your feet and alignment, only focusing on the styles that are trending. Those shoes especially do not consider what you will need if you have a foot condition. This is why orthotic shoes are a great option if you are looking for comfortable shoes that will help treat plantar fasciitis. 

4. Custom Orthotic Shoes or Insoles To Fit You Just Right

Your doctor might suggest for you to not only try orthotic shoes, but also to try custom orthotics. Custom orthotics will be good for your feet because you will be able to get shoes that specifically fit your feet and without being made for a generic fit. You will most likely go to a podiatrist who will take a mold of your foot that you can send into a shop like The Orthotic Shop where shoes can then be made to fit your feet specifically. This will stop any and all pain from plantar fasciitis and can help keep any future flare-ups at bay. 

The Orthotic Shop has a number of shoes and devices that can help treat plantar fasciitis. Once you know the amount of treatment you will need, then it is time to take a look around and find the shoes that will be best for you!