iStock_000016454287_SmallJust like with any other health issue, there are multiple foot care myths that you might believe. These myths can cause future problems for your feet or make conditions last longer. This blog is going to focus on some of the most common myths, but if you have any questions about these myths or other treatment methods you have heard of, you should go to your podiatrist. He or she will be able to give you information on the myths with plenty of documentation and other ways to help heal your feet and keep them healthy. Let’s take a look at some of the top foot care myths!


Myth 1: Foot Pain is Simply Part of Getting Older

Many people will start experiencing foot pain at a certain time in their life, which means many think that foot pain is just part of getting older. However, this is one of the biggest foot care myths you may believe. If you are experiencing foot pain, it is a symptom of a larger issue, and you will need to seek help from a medical official. It could be a simple foot problem or something much larger. Get it checked out as soon as you possibly can to avoid further foot problems.


Myth 2: You Do Not Need Orthotic Footwear

One of the other common foot care myths is that you do not need orthotic footwear unless you have foot problems or are older. However, this is quite untrue because we all need orthotic shoes to help keep our bodies aligned correctly.Orthotic shoes provide the support other shoes lack, and, no matter our age or condition,our feet all need proper support. You will also notice that your body is aligned correctly, as it should be when wearing orthotic shoes.


Myth 3: If You Can Move Your Foot or Ankle, It Is Not Broken

When you think you have broken your foot, you might look up a few symptoms. One of the common foot care myths about broken ankles is that you cannot move a broken ankle. However, this is untrue as many people with broken ankles can move their foot. If you are unsure if you just have a sprain or have broken your foot, you should seek medical help immediately to ensure it does not become worse.


Myth 4: Walking Barefoot is Great for Your Feet

One of the other common foot care myths is that walking barefoot is perfect and healthy for your feet. This, however, is untrue due to a variety of reasons. These reasons range from protecting your feet from sharp things like twigs or broken glass outside to getting the support you need. No foot is made perfectly, which means you will need something to support your feet and keep you from having pain and further injury.


Myth 5: Vinegar Helps Heal Toenail Fungus

You might see several blog posts about the benefits of vinegar for toenail fungus, but you will, in fact, need stronger medicine to cure it.Vinegar will not work because it will not penetrate that infected area and clean out the fungal infection. You can get a variety of treatments that can do this properly, including a toenail polish that treat fungal infections, keeping your toenails clear and healthy.


Myth 6: Your Feet Do Not Require Sunscreen

When you are outside, you know that you need to use sunscreen on your body to keep it protected. However, one of the common foot care myths is that you do not need to use sunscreen on your feet. You need to, to protect the skin of your feet from the sun and keep them from burning. Always use sunscreen on all parts of exposed skin when you are out, including your feet.


Avoid These Foot Care Myths!

When you are taking care of your feet, you need to make sure you avoid these common foot care myths to keep your feet healthy. If you are looking for great orthotics or even a toenail polish for a fungal infection, then The Orthotic Shop is the place for you! Take a look at all we have to offer and find something that will work perfectly.