Acute backache, pain area of red colorMany of us wake up every day with various aches and pains, and we go throughout our days feeling more pain. The most common pains are foot and back pain, and many times people do not realize just how likely it is that they are linked. If your feet are hurting or injured, it can impact your back, and the same can happen with a back injury and your feet. This blog is going to take a look at how foot and back pain are linked, and what you can do to treat it to relieve pain and stay healthy.


Foot Pain Impacting the Back

When you have foot pain or an injury, you will notice that you start to walk differently to compensate. No one likes walking on the hurting foot because it can cause more pain, and when we walk differently, we start causing problems for our back. Walking differently can cause your back to go out of alignment, and make it become sore or hurt severely. In fact, if you walk differently for too long, you can cause severe damage to your back. This is a great to show the link between foot and back pain, meaning you need to take care of your feet to care for your back.


Back Pain Impacting the Foot

On the other side, back pain can cause problems for your feet, as well. If you notice that you have trouble lifting your foot as you walk, you might have a problem with your sciatic nerve that runs through your leg, into your lower back. In addition, if you have numbness in your foot, as well as heaviness or weakness, that is also caused by problems with your back. A great way to tell if your back is causing problems for your feet is if you have a hard time walking on your tiptoes. Many problems from your back run along your sciatic nerve and you will need to get it checked out to help any foot and back pain and problems.


Do Orthotics Work for Your Foot and Back Pain?

When you have foot and back pain, your doctor might suggest orthotic shoes, but many people are not sure just how this will help. It seems obvious that shoes can help your feet, but can they help your back, too? Yes, in fact, orthotic shoes can help your back, and some of your foot and back pain may be caused by wearing the wrong shoes. You can get a wide variety of orthotic shoes ranging from sandals, athletic wear, and dress shoes. Whatever your needs are, you can find great, stylish shoes for you.


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