woman's hand massage her feet isolated on whiteOur feet, knees, and legs are unique to our bodies and our feet and legs may not be properly aligned causing severe pain, exhaustion, and constant injuries. We need to make sure we all have proper alignment in order to stay healthy and as pain free as possible. This blog is going to look at why proper foot alignment is important and how you can make sure you have this proper alignment every day by using items such as orthopedic or diabetic shoes. 

Proper Foot Alignment Prevents Injuries

Many people will continue to live their day-to-day lives with improperly aligned feet without realizing the risk involved in not adequately taking care of their feet. They will buy tennis shoes or other sneakers they believe to be beneficial, endangering themselves and setting themselves up for more injuries. Improperly aligned feet will cause dramatic wear and tear on your feet that will cause them to break down quickly. This will put you at risk for arthritis, inflamed nerves, joint or muscle pains, and possible low bone density. This is a breakdown,which is referred to as cellular degeneration.This breakdown promotes faster aging, which is something we all wish to avoid.

If you get your feet properly aligned, you help slow this process or can stop it completely depending on how long your feet have been improperly aligned. Calling your doctor and ordering custom-made orthopedic shoes can drastically help you, or you may even be able to buy regular orthopedic shoes if you do not have much cellular degeneration. 

Proper Alignment Keeps Pain At A Minimum

Having your feet properly aligned will also cut down on back, leg, and foot pain that you experience every day. You would not drive a car that isn’t aligned because it would cause damage to the vehicle and it would not drive properly. The same is true of your body. Don’t put it through that stress. If you do, you will experience severe daily pain that will keep you from enjoying life with your friends and family. 

Helpful Ways To Keep Your Feet Properly Aligned

The obvious way to keep your feet aligned is to purchase orthotic shoes for everyday usage. You can get any number of styles from regular shoes, to dress shoes, and sandals. Having these nearby will be beneficial in order to keep your feet feeling happy and healthy, as well as to keep your body healthy. You do not need to focussolely on aligning your feet to get proper alignment. In fact, focusing on full body alignment will incredibly beneficial. A few ways in which to make sure your body is properly aligned are to:

  • Sit at your desk or in your chair properly. Don’t slump forward or down in your chair. Sit straight and if you are reading or looking at your phone, make sure you are holding it at chest level.
  • Never do exercises that will force your body into uncomfortable positions. Crunches and forward bends can cause your body to be improperly aligned, causing significant pain.
  • You need to practice standing straight and looking ahead, instead of focusing on your feet.
  • When doing exercises such as yoga have an instructor with you at all times to ensure that your body is aligned correctly and that you are not practicing any positions that could cause a negative reaction for your entire body, including your feet, legs, and knees.

The Orthotic Shop understands that you need to have proper alignment in your feet and entire body in order to fully enjoy life. We provide a wide range of orthopedic shoes for you to choose from, including diabetic shoes. Contact us today to learn more about our shoes and feel free to purchase some today!