Massage of woman's foot in spa salonExhausted feet are one of the more common foot problems people have, and it can be easily remedied. We do not have to suffer from any foot condition for this to happen. The main cause of exhausted feet is  standing or walking around most of the day. However, exhausted feet can be a symptom of a condition, and it is wise to seek out medical help if exhaustion and/or pain persist. If you have exhausted feet, there are a few great things you can do to treat and care for them instantly and over time. Let’s take a look at a few care methods you should try.

1. Treat Exhausted Feet by Staying Off of Them

A great way to treat your exhausted feet is to stay off of them when they become exhausted. Sometimes this is not possible, but if you can take breaks, you should. If you have a profession that requires you to stand at counters for a long time, or walk around stores, you should make sure you are taking your allotted breaks. This will help keep your stress levels down, but it also gives you a chance to put your feet up and let them rest. Make sure you elevate your feet if they are exhausted to help them get adequate rest. 


2. Soak Them in an Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salts seem to have magical properties to anyone with severe muscle pains. If you have exhausted feet, then try an Epsom salt bath. You do not need to get into the bathtub, simply fill up a bucket that is wide enough for your feet with the salts mixed in warm water. Let them soak for ten to twenty minutes in the warm salt mixture or follow your doctor’s instructions. This will ensure that the salts help relax your feet and help promote healing. Make sure you do not leave your feet in the water for too long as this can cause other problems. If the water starts cooling, then pull your feet out. 


3. Moisturize Your Feet After Soaking Them

It is important to keep your feet moisturized after soaking them, but this is another way to care for your exhausted feet. When you moisturize your feet, you will be massaging them. Take this as an opportunity to massage your feet deeply, instead of just putting lotion on your feet. Rub the soles in a circular motion to feel relief in your exhausted feet. If you do not feel you are adequately massaging your feet, you can go to a massage therapist to receive better treatment.


4. Visit a Doctor to Make Certain Exhaustion is Not a Symptom

If you find that the exhaustion continues, then you should make sure it is not a symptom of an underlying cause. You can go to your primary care doctor to find out more information. Many times, he or she will suggest you go to a podiatrist to get your feet looked at, to discover what might be wrong with them. If you do have a foot condition, you will be able to start adequate treatment quickly. When the treatment starts, you will slowly start to notice relief in your exhausted feet. 


5. Wear Proper Shoes Throughout Your Day

An important step in caring for exhausted feet throughout the weeks, months, and years is to wear proper shoes. Many shoes are not made with your foot health in mind, meaning you need to find shoes that are made for comfort and health. The best shoes to get to keep your exhausted feet feeling relaxed are orthotic shoes. You can find multiple styles to fit your style, and you can even get orthotic insoles to wear in your favorite shoes. This will help you keep your feet from becoming exhausted throughout your workday, and will also help treat any foot conditions you may have. 

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