The Orthotic Shop carries a better solution for women seeking arch supports for their dress shoes, high heels and pumps. These arch supports are specifically designed to fit into the narrow dress shoes that women wear. The Betterform Women’s Arch Supports are designed to work with or without the dress ease.  Combining both together provides the best arch support and cushioning option available for women:

The Arch Supports for Dress Shoes are ultra-thin, lightweight, and heat-moldable.  The dress-ease cushion is great for providing extra cushioning in the highest heels or pumps and is the perfect companion for the arch supports.

You can purchase both the Women’s Arch Support and the Dress Ease at The Orthotic Shop. By clicking the picture below:

Purchase Womens Arch Supports

Purchase Women's Arch Supports

Select the ‘Buy Together’ option on the product page to get a 10% combo-discount. Be sure to update your sizes once you add them to your cart.