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Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Working in a professional setting oftentimes means wearing business casual outfits every workday. There are the occasional “dress down” days that allow you to wear your comfortable clothing, but most of the time you are wearing uncomfortable trousers, jackets, shirts, and, of course, shoes. One of the best ways to avoid wearing painful dress shoes five days a week is to find a pair that are comfortable for you to wear. This is very rare when you look in shoe stores, but you can always find perfect dress orthotic shoes at Orthotic Shop. Let’s look at a few perks of wearing dress orthotic shoes for your workday.



1. Long Lasting Comfort Throughout Your Day

One of the biggest perks of dress orthotic shoes is you will have long lasting comfort throughout your entire day. Whether you are standing, walking or sitting, the designers make dress orthotic shoes in such a way to be comfortable for you. Regular dress shoes utilize designs that are only for looks, which can cause pinching for your feet or lack of support for your arches, with little to no cushioning. All orthotic shoes come with excellent support, and they will not pinch you, and this is true of dress orthotics as well. 

2. Less Of A Chance To Get Blisters Or Corns

Because orthotic shoes are made to fit well, you are less likely to get blisters or corns from your shoes rubbing horribly on your skin. This is something we all know too well with dress shoes; they rub our feet awkwardly, causing significant pain due to blisters or corns. A great perk of dress orthotic shoes is they will help you avoid this, and can even help you save money in the long run. The more blisters and corns you get, the more likely you are to purchase remedies and help such as cushions and bandages. This can add up over time, making you realize just how much money you spend on treating blisters and corns from your regular dress shoes.

3. Safe From Injuries When Wearing Dress Orthotic Shoes

If you have to do a lot of walking for your job, such as being a social worker or walking around conventions, you might find that you are at a higher risk for foot injuries with regular shoes. By wearing dress orthotic shoes, you are safe from injuries such as rolling your ankle when walking and any other accidents. Foot injuries can dampen a workday, and you might find that you want to take time off but cannot. Hence, why dress orthotic shoes are a great idea.

4. Still Look Fashionable

Another great perk of dress orthotics is they still look fashionable while giving you support and comfort. Many people think that orthotic shoes slook like tennis shoes, but there are many different designers out there who have made some great, fashionable dress shoes for people. They understand that looking great, and keeping your feet and body healthy are both important to many people. 

5. Less Pain In Your Feet, Legs, Or Back

Wearing orthotics in general holds the benefits of making sure you no longer feel pain in not only your feet, but also your legs and back. By wearing dress orthotic shoes, you will notice that your typical daily pains will either be minimized or completely gone. This is because orthotic shoes provide you with needed comfort and support while also ensuring that your body stays properly aligned. Proper alignment is vital to your body’s health and at dealing with or getting rid of pain throughout your feet, legs, back, and even your neck. 

If you are in the market for some great dress orthotic shoes, then The Orthotic Shop is perfect for you! Take a look at our vast selection of dress orthotics and find a style that will work perfectly for any foot conditions you have, as well as your working environment. If you have any questions regarding our shoes, please do not hesitate to contact us!