Both, the SpringBoost footwear and Reebok’s new EasyTone shoes are designed to tone your muscles while you wear them. They both increase muscle activity in the calves, thighs and gluteus maximus (butt) muscles while walking or running. They each do so in different ways. This article compares how each brand implements innovative technologies to enhance your workouts:

EasyTone uses Pods

The Reebok EasyTone shoes use balance pods that are built-in under the heel and forefoot of the shoes. Air travels between the forefoot and heel pod, creating super soft cushioning. The moving air creates a natural instability and forces your muscles to adapt to the air volume within the pods. Reebok reports that the EasyTone pods have been extensively tested and they are very durable. Although, one reviewer comments the following:

“I bought the Reebok Easy Tone shoes 7/16/09. They completely deflated by 9/16/09 (that’s when I noticed it). I never ran or played sports in them. I walked approx one and a half hours a day in them. Reebok will not help and the place where I bought them from only takes exchanges if the shoes are not worn.” – source:

Limitations of EasyTone Technology:

Due to the instability of the EasyTone balance pods, activities with unplanned side-to-side movement and/or any lateral-movement-sports such as tennis or basketball should be avoided.

SpringBoost uses Dorsiflexion

Dorsiflexion is where the foot is put into a position where the heel is lower than the ball of the foot.


All of the SpringBoost shoes & sandals feature Dorsiflexion.  The SpringBoost shoes feature removable insoles and usually come with two different inserts. These inserts allow you to start out with a lower level of dorsiflexion and work your way up to a more beneficial/advanced level. The flexibility of removable insoles is great for times where you don’t want to use the dorsiflexion insoles. Simply replace them with your favorite arch supports or custom orthotics.

The Dorsiflexion is also used in training to stretch and stimulate the calf muscles and to increase the performance on height jump and linear speed. See the image below for a visual representation of Dorsiflexion Benefits:

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Please read our Springboost overview for a more in-depth presentation of these shoes and their history.  It is interesting to note that one of SpringBoost’s key players comes from Reebok.

SpringBoost vs Reebok EasyTone

If you want a durable toning shoe that you can use in all activities, Springboost shoes are the ones for you. They feature different insoles for multiple levels of dorsiflexion, allowing you to get used to the new feeling. Additionally, you are not limited to certain activities like you are with the EasyTones.

Please check out the wide selection of SpringBoost shoes at the Orthotic Shop and get the foundation to help you get into shape!