Senior Patient Foot On Examination BenchWhether you have type one or type two diabetes, you might be at risk for diabetic neuropathy. Your doctor may already have given you a bit of information about this, what to expect, and how to keep yourself healthy, but we are going to help you out a little more by outlining a few things. This blog is going to look at what diabetic neuropathy is, how it can harm your feet, and how you can keep your feet safe if you have it. Remember, if you have any questions about diabetic neuropathy or believe you might be developing it, please seek medical help as it can cause extensive damage if not properly dealt with.

What Is Diabetic Neuropathy?

Diabetic neuropathy is a condition that harms your nerves throughout your body. This is most often caused by high blood sugar, though low blood sugar and improper eating habits can also cause it in diabetics. The common location of this issue is oftentimes seen in the feet, as well as in your legs, but you can have it elsewhere such as your arms, or hands. If you have diabetic neuropathy or are unsure if you have it, you might notice pain in the area that is affected, as well as numbness or tingling. This is common because your nerves are being broken down and are receiving harm from your imbalanced blood sugars. While this is a common occurrence for diabetics, it is also quite serious and should be handled with proper care. Seek medical help if you believe you have this condition. You should also always make sure to follow your doctor’s orders on how to take care of your body and feet to continue living a healthy, happy life. 

How Does It Harm The Feet?

As stated above, diabetic neuropathy harms your feet because of nerve damage done by your blood sugar levels being imbalanced. This is quite commonandincredibly serious. You will notice pain towards the start of the condition but will experience gradual numbness in your feet and eventually legs. Many people will wait when they have the symptoms because they do not want to go to the doctor with yet another problem. Some might even put it off to poor blood circulation because of how they were sitting. If you are diabetic and experience pain and/or numbness in your feet, it is wise to see your doctor as soon as possible. Many doctors will see you quickly if you tell them your symptoms over the phone because of the serious nature of this condition. 

How Can You Keep Your Feet Safe?

Doctors will be able to give you a few exercises that you can do that will promote healthy blood flow, but there are a few other ways in which to keep your feet safe. One of these ways is to eat a healthy meal by following any diet restrictions as well as taking insulin or any other diabetic medication you need. The other method is to purchase diabetic shoes or diabetic socks to make sure your feet stay healthy and safe from things such as poor circulation or receiving cuts and injuries while out. Your doctor might require you to go to a podiatrist to get a mold of your feet in order for you to get the best possible orthotic shoes custom-made. Sometimes a doctor will only want you to wear diabetic socks while other times he or she might want to you to wear both diabetic socks and shoes.

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