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Your health is vital to having a long and great life. This is true for everyone, but especially true for those with diabetes. You always need to make sure that your blood sugar is within the normal range, that you are eating healthy foods, regularly exercising, and, of course, checking your feet. Diabetes foot care is integral to ensure you maintain your overall health, as well as keeping your feet healthy and from needing to go to the emergency room for any reason. This blog is going to look at various ways in which you can care for your feet if you have diabetes.

1. Inspect Your Feet Daily

Diabetes foot care requires that you regularly inspect your feet to make sure that they are healthy without any blisters, odd rashes, or anything out of the ordinary. Sometimes, people find it difficult to check their feet regularly, but if you set up a schedule for once a day, you will be able to check your feet daily to ensure everything is fine. It might be helpful to check your feet at the end of every day after you have taken your shoes off. This will help you spot anything that might have happened throughout the day, catching it before it has a chance to get worse. It will also help you set up a routine to check your feeteasily every day. When checking your feet, always inspect the bottom and top of your foot, as well as between your toes.


  1. Avoid Hot Tubs

Hot tubs can be very nice, but when you are actively engaging in diabetes foot care, you should be careful when you approach any hot water. If you have diabetic neuropathy, you will not be able to tell when the water is too hot or not, which can cause burns and other health problems. If you get burns or blisters from the hot water, they can become infected, which will cause severe problems. Avoid hot tubs, and if you plan to take a bath, test the water with your hands first before getting in.


  1. Buy Proper Footwear

After you have received your diabetes diagnosis, you will be given instructions for diabetes foot care. Many doctors will start you out with the basics of insulin management, healthy eating, and inspecting your feet, but the next step is finding proper footwear for you. There are a number of great diabetic shoes or socks that work perfectly when engaging in diabetes foot care. You doctor might just suggest that you get orthotic shoes, diabetic shoes, or get custom made shoes for your feet. Investing in the right shoes will be one of the best ways to partake in diabetes foot care.


  1. Never Go Without Shoes

No matter where you are, never go without any shoes. This includes in and around your house. You should wear shoes when you are at the pool, beach, and around your home to protect yourself from sharp objects. Any injury done to your feet can lead to infection and severe health problems. When you go to the beach, get sandals that work for your feet, or if you are just lounging around your home, get house slippers to wear to protect your feet.


  1. Try Non-Impact Aerobics for Overall Health

Working out it is vital to maintaining your health, but some workouts can be bad for your feet. To engage in proper diabetes foot care, consider doing non-impact aerobics. This will help your heart while also keeping your feet healthy.


  1. Seek Medical Care For Any Problem With Your Feet

If you start to notice that you have odd spots on your feet, or have pain or lack of feeling, then you should seek immediate medical care. You could have an infection starting, or you might be developing diabetic neuropathy. You will want to figure out what is wrong as soon as possible to catch whatever the problem is before it gets worse.


In Closing, Diabetes Foot Care Is Vital To a Healthy Life

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