Young Woman Enjoying A Foot MassageTreating and correcting flat feet can be quite simple, and it will save you from the significant pain you feel every day. It is always wise to talk to your doctor about how to correct flat feet, but this blog aims to give you tips on how to overcome the pain simply and easily. In this blog, we will discuss how to correct flat feet through shoes, various treatments, and how to strengthen your flat feet.


1. Wear The Right Type Of Shoes

One of the biggest ways to correct flat feet or find relief from pain is to wear the correct shoes. Many people, whether they have flat feet or not, do not wear the right shoes, but if you have flat feet, this will cause you to feel more pain. You might be a fan of flats or Converse, but these shoes can be harsh on individuals with this foot condition. A great idea for people who have flat feet is to purchase orthotic shoes. In years past, many orthotic shoes weren’t very stylish, but now there are many that are perfect for all events.


2. Roll Your Feet Over A Tin Can

Rolling your feet over a tin can proves to be a great source of pain relief if you find that the correcting process is going slowly. This massages the bottom part of your foot, where your arch should be located. Massage is a big part of correcting flat feet, but this is more of a home remedy to ease pain and relax. If you find this does not help, it might be time to either seek a podiatrist or look into massage therapy, which we will discuss further in this post.


3. Find Insoles That Correct Flat Feet

If you have flexible flat feet, there are a number of orthotic insoles that you can use to correct flat feet. These are great if you want to continue wearing those Converse All-Stars or if you have a pair of trusty boots that have been with you for a number of years. Most mass-produced shoes have arch supports ranging from none to minimal (Converse is a perfect example of no arch supports). There are a number of orthotic insoles that will correct flat feet perfectly, keeping you from feeling pain and allowing you to continue wearing your favorite shoes.


4. Massage Therapy Is A Perfect Treatment Method

As mentioned in point two, massage is a great way to treat and correct flat feet. When seeking massage therapy, you should ask around your community to find a therapist people recommend, as well as if the therapist works with flat feet. Massage therapy is wonderful because it not only aims to relieve pain, but to treat the condition as well.


5. Strengthen Your Feet Through Exercising

One of the greatest ways to correct flat feet is to strengthen them. Here are a few exercises that will help you relieve pain and strengthen your feet:


  • Point at various things with your toes. Sit on the floor or a chair and extend your feet in front of you, pointing your toe at something across the room. Hold this pose for five seconds and do it about ten times per foot each day.
  • Walking on your tiptoes is also a great way to strengthen your feet. This is even a treatment for Plantar Fasciitis. Make sure you take smaller steps, only walk for about twenty paces, and always make sure you maintain a tall posture; don’t slump.
  • Find some sand and walk in it. This feels wonderful because the sand is massaging your foot, and it is a perfect excuse to go to the beach and kick off your shoes.


Correcting Flat Feet Leads to a Happy and Pain-Free Life.

Once you have started to correct flat feet, you will notice that you have less and less pain. If you are looking for orthotic shoes or insoles for your condition, The Orthotic Shophas a number of wonderful orthopedic shoes and insoles for you to choose from; we even have the ability to make custom orthotics. Take a look around our shop and find something that will work for you, today!