runner with ankle injury holds foot to reduce pain. running prob

A wonderful trend lately is that everyone has started to work out. This means there are more people than ever running in marathons, going to the gym, and walking around their neighborhood park. Unfortunately, the more a person works out, the more likely he or she is to injure him or herself. This article is going to explore seven common injuries anyone can get when working out.

1. Runner’s Knee

A common injury in exercising is something known as runner’s knee. This is an injury that is mainly caused by overuse, but can have a number of different causes. What happens is the cartilage in your knee wears down over time, causing your bones to rub on each other. This is very painful and can keep you from running or even walking for long periods of time. The other causes are walking up stairs, squatting, or sitting with your knees bent for a long time. We recommend wearing athletic insoles to take stress away from your knees.

2. Shin Splints

This is something we have all had at some point, and we all know the sharp pain experienced with this condition. This will feel like it is on the front part of your leg or inside and will be a burning pain. Switching up your exercise routine too quickly or making any drastic changes usually causes shin splints. It is recommended that you ease into walking or running before going 100%.

3. Pulled Muscles

If you don’t stretch properly or push yourself too far, you will at some point pull a muscle. You can also pull a muscle if you force yourself to run in shoes that are not for running or that do not offer the support you need. Always stretch before working out, even if you are simply walking around your neighborhood. This will warm your muscles up, keeping them safe from being pulled. You should also always make sure you are wearing the right shoes for you. 

5. Achilles Tendonitis

This is an inflammation in your Achilles tendon and can happen from not stretching adequately or pushing through any pain you may feel. You will find it difficult to walk in the morning and will feel stiff and sore throughout the day. The best way to treat this condition is to rest your feet and ankles, ice the area that hurts, or to do mild calf stretches, stretching out the injured area. 

6. Plantar Fasciitis

This is an injury done to the plantar fascia and causes inflammation and severe pain. You can get this condition due to your age or if you overuse your feet without stretching or resting them. You will notice severe pain in the morning after you have been off of your feet for a while and will have a difficult time walking. Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis are excellent to treat this condition and can help you continue to improve your health. Other remedies are night splints and NSAIDs to cut down on the inflammation. 

7. Bunions

This is a painful condition that comes about because the bones on the outside of your small toe or big toe become misaligned. It will become swollen and make it difficult for you to walk. Those who are at risk for developing bunions are those who do not wear proper shoes, if you have arthritis, flat feet, or low arches. You will need to find shoes that are wider and don’t pinch your toes together when walking or working out. This may be a great opportunity for you to receive custom orthopedic shoes, ensuring you get the proper care for your feet. 

These seven injuries are quite common for people of all ages, as well as for different types of workouts. These are more common for those who do a lot of walking or running. The Orthotic Shop provides you with excellent orthopedic shoes that can combat several of the injuries or help them heal. Take a look around and purchase some comfortable orthopedic shoes today!