The Moszkito Coast Fuzz and Fuzzy are the perfect sandals for keeping your feet warm.  They are great for lounging around the house or going out.  The best part about them, next to the exceptional arch support, is the sheepskin shearling lining.  The shearling lining really keeps your feet cozy & warm so they are perfect for chilly weather.

Keep your feet warm and give them the arch support they deserve with the Moszkito Fuzz & Fuzzy sandals!

Personally, I wear these around the house as slippers, outside talking to neighbors, getting the mail, chasing the dogs and so on.  I would definitely wear them while making short errands during the Winter as long as there is no snow!  I will be taking these on vacation with me. I plan on leaving them behind when going to the beach, but I will be breaking them out for those cool nights walking around town.  I have the Moszkito Viper Whip & Repellent sandals for the beach!

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With the firm, but flexible rubber EVA outsole that resists slips, I am confident wearing these sandals anywhere.

You know it is comfortable when a dog is snuggling up to the sandal!

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