Legs of kidsWhen you are buying shoes for yourself, you can easily find information on which shoes to buy and those to avoid. However, when it comes time to buy shoes for your children, you might be stumped on what to look for, for your child. Just like with shoes for adults, there are different rules when it comes to shoes for children. This blog is going to look at the top tips you can use when you are searching for shoes for children to help you buy the best footwear for your son, daughter, or grandchildren.


  1. Make Sure the Heel is Stiff

When you buy shoes for children, you need to make sure the heel is stiff and not too flexible. A flexible heel will not provide the right amount of support your child needs and can cause other problems like blisters. When shopping for shoes for children, test the heel by squeezing at the top. If it slightly bends in, that is good but avoid the shoe if it is too flexible or far too stiff.


  1. Make Sure the Shoe is Flexible but Not Too Bendy

Outside of the stiff heel, you do need to make sure that the entire shoe is flexible to provide adequate movement for your child. Bend the shoe in your hand to see how much give it has. Remember that while you want some flexibility,you should avoid a shoe that is too bendy or rigid. Too bendy or rigid can mean more problems for your children as their feet grow and develop. Remember, shoes impact the entire body, and you want shoes that will benefit your child’s growing body easily and properly.


  1. Shoes Need to Fit Properly – Don’t Buy Bigger Shoes to “Grow Into”

One common myth people believe is that they can buy bigger shoes for children, allowing them to grow into the shoe. This is not correct and can cause problems for your child. Make sure you buy shoes that fit them right now, understanding that they will grow out of them. While it seems like you can save money by letting your kids grow into bigger shoes, you may find you have more doctor visits due to pain or foot conditions that can become more expensive than shoes for children.


  1. Do Not Use Hand Me Down Shoes for Children

Getting hand me down shoes is another thing that people commonly do that can have a negative impact on children. This, again, is not good for your child because the shoe is worn down to match the feet of the child who wore them before. This will not allow your child to get the support he or she needs, and you may find that your child becomes more susceptible to foot conditions like fungal infections from wearing someone else’s shoes.


  1. Learn if Your Child Needs Orthotics

Shoes for children do not always come with the proper support your child may need. If you find that your child is complaining of pain that is unusual for so young anage, you may need to take him or her to a podiatrist. This could mean that you will need orthotics for your child. Orthotics for children are not something to worry about because orthoticshoes or devices are here to benefit everyone. Depending on the situation, you can either get custom orthotic shoes for children or simply purchase orthotic devices such as insoles.


  1. Do Not Get Shoes that Need to be “Broken In”

When you buy shoes, you will come across some that you or your child like and want to purchase. However, if these shoes require the wearer to “break them in” you should avoid the shoes. This can cause problems such as severe pain for your child, blisters, and other foot conditions. As mentioned above, get shoes with flexibility that allows your child’s feet to move around as they should.


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