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Photo Credit: iStock Photo

As the weather cools down, you might start running more, especially with the incredibly popular apps out there like Couch to 5k. While getting into a running routine is a great idea, especially if you need to get healthier, you will also need to make sure to stay safe and avoid running injuries. No matter how healthy you feel, running injuries can happen to anyone and can throw a wrench into your workout plans. Let’s look at a few ways to make sure you avoid running injuries on your path to a healthier and happier body.


  1. Always Make Sure To Adequately Stretch Before Running

This is one thing that many people seem to do incorrectly, whether it is by not stretching enough or stretching too much. When you start stretching before you run, you need to make sure that you get a decent stretch in your legs and body. However, if you feel pain or any tugging sensation, you need to lighten up and stretch mildly. This aims to warm up your muscles, yet if you stretch too deeply, you risk causing injuries before running, as well as when you run. Before stretching, consider walking around for five minutes to promote blood flow to your muscles, and do gentle warm up stretches.


  1. Avoid Running Injuries By Wearing The Proper Shoes

A great way to avoid running injuries is to wear the proper shoes. Oftentimes, people do not wear proper shoes for whichever activity they have chosen, but it is possible to switch your shoes up in time to avoid running injuries. You can find numerous orthotic running shoes that will be perfect for your activities; make sure you choose running shoes and not walking as they are all designed differently for different methods of working out.


  1. Do Not Start Your Routine Too Quickly

When you start a new running routine, you need to make sure you do not start the routine too quickly. While it is a great feeling to get up to two miles in a short amount of time, you can easily injure yourself or wear yourself out before you have done much. Avoid running injuries by making sure you start slowly and only run for the time you can. The more you run, the more you will be able to run longer, but it takes time and patience.


  1. Stop If You Need To Rest Or Have Pain

While running, if you experience any pain or feel exhausted, take the opportunity to rest and stop the pain. You may have to stop running altogether to avoid running injuries, and do the remainder of your workout by walking. This is not a bad thing and will help you avoid serious running injuries, as well as keep you on track for your workout routine.


  1. Make Sure To Involve Other Workouts Like Strength Training

Running is great for your body, especially your pulmonary and cardiovascular systems, but you will also need to make sure that you participate in things other than running. This will help you avoid running injuries while also strengthening your body in other ways. A great thing to do is to add strength training to your workout routine.


  1. Always Stay Hydrated And Eat Healthy

A common way people receive injuries is by being dehydrated when they run or not eating healthy. To avoid running injuries, make sure you drink plenty of water for your body type. Always make sure to bring water with you on a run. Make sure you also eat proper meals, but do not run right after eating a large meal. You should always make sure you get a balanced meal, as well as cutting out foods that are unhealthy for you to maximize the results of your run.


  1. Do Cool Down Stretches After Running

Once you have finished running and working out, it is time to do cool down exercises. These will help keep your muscles safe from injury, and help your body relax after working out. This will help you avoid running injuries and keep your body in shape.


In Closing

It can be easy to avoid running injuries by following the above methods. If you are looking for great athletic shoes, The Orthotic Shop has an incredible selection from which to choose, giving you the ability to find shoes that are perfect for you. Take a look around to find some that will work great for your needs!